Vote: .Website or .Online?


Radix announced that its .Website new gTLD extension surpassed the 100,000 registration mark. According to the company, “.website has become one of the top nTLD domain choices of corporations across the world. Consistently in the top 10 fastest growing nTLDs, .website crossed 100k domains to be the 11th largest new gTLD.”

Last week, Radix announced that it expected that its .Online extension would see 15,000 registrations in the first day of general availability. The company even targeted the .Club registration mark of more than 25,000 domain names registered on the first day of general availability.

I think .Online and .Website are fairly similar and could appeal to the same types of buyers. I think “online” and “website” are also popular keywords in domain names that already exist. It will be interesting to see how the growth rate of these two extensions compares.

I am curious how you think .Online will compare to .Website after the first year. Do you think .Online will have more registrations in one year than .Website had after one year? Vote in the poll below. You are also invited to share your thoughts on the differences in these two extensions.


  1. Where is the option for ‘neither’? 😛

    Online is outdated, even if you’re AOL.

    Website is too restricting, as it references the web only. Today’s app-driven Internet can be anything, from web sites, to cloud based content, to ‘dark web’, if that’s your forte.

  2. Online is not so outdated, especially for low internet access countries. Although .website is a good match for many names but I think .online will become more popular in the long run.

    • Actually, “online” is a 19th century term related to railways. It literally meant that a train is on the line.

      In terms of computer network usage, it’s a 90’s relic.

      Sadly, web site/website is also a superfluous reference. Radix is selling but neither term is great.

  3. 274,000,000 results in Google for “”
    2,690,000 results in Google for “”

    If I was forced to choose, my money would be with .online

  4. I agree with Acro – online is outdated. Probably OK up until 2007.

    What’s not online these days, besides Luddite Mom & Pop shops/ops? And people living way off the grid?

    .Website – maybe for Build/Develop/Get/Discount/ or Product offerings or supplemental sites for Brands

    I prefer .web to .website and .online, of course.

  5. .Online for services/Stores

    there is a lot of Keyword+Online that are searched more than 500,000/month.

    .Website is good for a startup company

    Eliot, .Site is a good alternative too!

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