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Thank you once again for submitting so many domain names for the contest I am sponsoring  to try and help you sell a domain name. I will pay for a sponsored headline for a DNForum sales post where the winning domain name will be listed for sale. I am also willing to help the owner write a sales post, although I find it’s generally best to keep it simple.

The ten names below were the top (in my opinion) based on the quality of the domain name at the listed purchase price, keeping the target audience of buyers in mind (domain investors who read my blog and visit There are a couple of names I am thinking about buying in the list.

To be most diplomatic about this, I want visitors to my blog to select the winner. Please vote for the name you think is the best at the most reasonable price. The winning name will be announced on Sunday night (New York time). If there happens to be a tie, I will choose the winner.

Thank you again for your submissions.


  1. You got to be kidding me Elliot!

    I didnt make the list!

    I had operation proxy server ready to kick in this morning. There is an aircraft hanger full of people in China who are not getting paid now because of your actions, I hope youre pleased with yourself.

  2. Excellent choices. It’s tough to pick because of the wide range of prices.

    I can only imagine how many hours you spent on this in the last couple days, so doing it again is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But, it would be interesting to see what you would get if you limited the range, or just defined a price point like 2K or something.

  3. I did not submit a domain but its nice to see my two picks made your top 10. Lot of good names that all could sell pretty fast. Best of luck to everyone.

  4. Good choices Elliot,

    Of course I’m dissappointed you did not choose

    Howerver the one I really wanted to through in the ring was Not! LOL 🙂

  5. @Elliot, has sold through Sedo at the $995 price listed here. Perhaps you bought it but otherwise your blog contest has sold two domains to this point before a winner was picked. I appreciate the promo and I’ll be making a donation to Ronald McDonald House through your link when the funds transfer. Thanks again.


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  7. Congrats to those running in the semi-finals!
    Mine wasn’t chosen, maybe next time. Still fun. Elliot is a $900 to $29999 guy, so his bias is reflected in the picks, but it’s ok. I hope you do more of this Elliot.

  8. Good job Elliot for doing this and promoting our pigeon s*it domains.

    All kidding aside, Francios should give you free sponsored listing .

    I like this format because WE all get to participate.

    Hope you will continue this contest every 2 wks.

  9. @ BullS

    Francois offered to give me a free sponsored listing because of the publicity but I declined. I said I would pay for it and I will pay for it.

  10. Elliot,

    It always appear that I am meddling on your blog, but I mean well…

    I don’t think you should reject Francois’ offer; as you know I’m also on his case for being selfish in the industry, but the two of you should work something out to make this a regular, or weekly feature in the industry. So, please reconsider, and approach him with providing a slot in the featured spot. Thanks.

  11. SOLD!

    I wrote to the seller to send me the Paypal info.

    Thanks Elliot! Great job on promoting the names..Please keep doing this again.

  12. @Elliot,

    “Francois offered to give me a free sponsored listing because of the publicity but I declined. I said I would pay for it and I will pay for it.”

    What sort of businessman are you? 🙂

    If I were you I would take the offer and would ask him to make the same offer every fortnight and that would benefit the whole domain industry and it would be good for all. Even the charities would benefit from it, like what Bill is going to do.

  13. Two sponsored headlines were offered to Elliot to promote this contest…
    Elliot decision to pay the last one is smart and finally make sense for me as it was his main idea when he initiated this contest.

    Elliot probably spend a huge amount of time organizing this event. What should be fair is the winner reward a sale commission to Elliot, what he consider fair (we can handle this if the sale is closed through
    This may motivate him to do it again in the future.

    • @ Francois

      I appreciate the added publicity you’ve given to the contest (for free). I don’t want to make any money from the contest… happy to do it to help others.

      Maybe later today or tomorrow (if I have time) I will provide insight into why I chose each name as a finalist.

  14. @Anthony: people in China dont need to get paid. They get enough of the world’s outsourced work. People in the US and Europe need to get paid. We’re fast becoming the 3rd world nations that we outsource to.

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