Vote: Best Forum Moderator

Last week, I asked for nominations for the best domain forum moderator. I received a number of nominations, and the moderators are listed in the poll below. The person who receives the most votes by Thursday, July 19 at 5pm EDT will receive $200 from me (check or Paypal).

The five nominees are:

  • Donna Mahony from Domain Boardroom
  • Adam Dicker from DN Forum
  • Johnn from DN Forum
  • Equity78 from NamePros
  • Grim Reaper from IDNForums

Congratulations to the nominees, and thank you for nominating and voting.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Well I just want to say thank you to Jeff and everyone else who nominated me, and thank you to Elliot for running this promotion.

    Certainly everyone else nominated is a class act and have dealt with them in one way or another over the years and best of luck to everyone.

  2. Voted for John at DNForum, he’s funny and does his job very well. Also, I think owners should be excluded, no matter how much overseeing they do at their forum.

    • I hadn’t mentioned that in the rules, and while I think Donna probably does more moderating on a day to day basis than Adam, I am not going to make retroactive rules.

      Vote for who you think is most deserving and may the best moderator win 🙂

  3. Right back at you, Adam! We don’t have a lot of interaction sometimes but I always know you’re there!

    I have so much respect for all the mods and admins and owners of all the forums. More than anyone can imagine goes into providing a place for all of us to meet.

  4. Vote- Equity78

    Truly a leader and moderator. Always offers help to everyone. The godfather of dot tv and without him forming the sub forum, many of us wouldn’t have known other investors. We all appreciate your dedication and thankyou!

    Good luck to all the candidates! Solid list of moderators and everyone in group is first class.

  5. Voted for Ray due to his hard work on NP .tv in early days of .tv
    Great vision, calm head an manages to deal with all the forum drama


  6. Ray/EQ78 is the man. His out of the box thinking in online collaboration is one of the main drivers in the DOT TV movement. Collaboration makes a great forum and Ray is able to strike the right balance between practical, theory, and peoples desire to make money in a non-mainstream extension.
    George Pickering, VP Lead Generation, Real Page, Inc

  7. Either the Report Button over at DNF has been broken for 2 years OR the moderators haven’t been doing their job.. Take your pick.. My choice is the latter.

    I’m very surprised David Zan from Namepros is not on this list, not because he’s a Pinoy, but because he’s intelligent, smart, fair minded and respects all members enough to respond when a report is made. He’s also very knowledgeable about domain and trademark law, which is a BIG plus for a Moderator… Since Dave is not on the list, my second choice would be Equity78 🙂

    If you sense some animosity towards the mods at DNF, your sensed right… When you handle a post based on WHO made the post, your doing a great disservice to it’s members, You also degrade the integrity of the forum and alienate members in the process. I can name over a dozen members who have left the forum for this very reason.. When you have a set of rules, those rules should apply to ALL members and NOT members who you like or dislike.


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