Voodoo Support Tickets Closed in Under an Hour

I am almost always monitoring my business, whether it’s from my computer or my phone. When someone asks me a question, inquires about a domain name, or has an issue with one of my websites, I am very quick to respond.

It’s probably because of my own speedy response time that I expect the same from companies with whom I do business. Unfortunately, most companies try to respond to support tickets within a day or two rather than within a few minutes or hours.

I read something interesting on NamePros regarding the service time at Voodoo.com, and I thought it was interesting. According to Voodoo.com founder Donny Simonton, the “average time to close a ticket no matter when it’s received is 38 minutes over the past 30 days.”

I don’t know what types of issues Voodoo’s support team sees, but having an average response time of under an hour is fantastic. Not only that, but Donny said it’s the time it takes to close a ticket, as in resolve a customer’s issue, and not simply responding to support requests.

I have stopped doing business with some companies because of customer support issues, and I think it’s pretty cool to see a company that understands the needs of its domain investor clients. It’s not end of the world if a ticket takes a bit longer to resolve, but it’s great to see that there is some great customer support in this business.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I’ve seen some other companies who take 24 hours or longer to respond to their customers. That drives me crazy! So everybody who works for me closes tickets if they see any in our system. I respond to a lot of them myself. If it keeps the customers happy, then we have life long customers.

  2. I was VERY happy with Voodoo when I was with them. Top notch support. Always wanting to test and compare, I gave DomainPower.com a shot. Results werent bad, however 2+ months after leaving them, I still have not received a payout that I inquired about several times. Wouldnt recommend now, simply on that merit. That’s annoying to almost have to beg for MY money long after it should be paid. They have had many chances to correct this. Aside from this, they are professional and Jim was a pleasure to work with. Maybe this is a one time error and not the standard. I hope it isnt the standard, or they will be gone quickly from the parking space. This is not a personal attack on DomainPower, just sharing an experience. I just submitted another ticket. : )

    Im happy with IT right now and think I’m done testing for a little bit, based on revenue and inquiries received.

    Elliot, maybe do a post on why to park certain names with certain companies. Like Voodoo.com does well with international names, WhyPark with certain product names, etc..
    Just a suggestion. Thanks for the opportunity to post.

    • Update-
      James actually cleared this matter up and I Was mistaken and we showed that the funds were dispursed. Again, DomainPower is a great place to park and are professionals. Give them a try with your names!!

  3. Elliot,

    You should do a post on how slow customer service is at Snapname/Key-Sytems.

    Won a domain on November 23rd, and still haven’t received name after multiple calls/email.

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