Video: Founder of Awning Discusses


In the video testimonial below, Shri Ganeshram, founder of Awning, discussed the benefit of his company’s domain name. In particular, Shri mentions the credibility that is earned by the brand for having a premium domain name like

A Whois search shows that has been registered under Whois privacy at Uniregistry for quite some time. This is likely because Awning doesn’t actually own Instead, the company leases it via Instead of having to spend a significant sum of money to acquire the domain name, the company is able to pay a monthly fee to lease the domain name.

According to Crunchbase, Awning has raised more than $9.3 million in funding. Shri mentions that the company was not hampered in its fundraising by leasing the domain name rather than owning it.

Thanks to Steven Sacks for sharing the video.

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  2. The only way leasing a domain makes business sense — the only way — is if the agreement contains an iron clad provision granting the lessee the sole and absolute legal right to purchase the domain at a set-in-stone price by a set-in-stone date.

    Imagine Amazon having to switch from Amazon .com . . . to any other domain.

    Does Venture include such a provision in their leasing agreement?

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