Use a Payment Plan When Buying Domain Names to Lower Your Risk


Here’s an idea I had a while back and have used successfully one time on a quick domain resale. When coming to terms with a domain seller, I added a payment plan to acquire the domain name over a set period of time. Using Moniker to handle this type of payment plan/extended escrow, I agreed to pay $xx,xxx over a 12 month period without a prepayment penalty. If I stopped paying, the domain seller would get all payments up to date and receive the domain name back.

Essentially what I did was give myself the opportunity to quickly sell the domain name in one month for 1/12th of the purchase price, in 2 months for 1/6th of my purchase price…etc. Fortunately, I was able to sell the domain name at a profit within 2 weeks of its acquisition, but had I not been able to do so, I would have had cash in my pocket and the ability to sell the domain name over the course of a year.

Of course not all domain sellers will offer or agree to a payment plan, and some may but would want more money for the domain name – either up front or built into the overall sale. It just so happened that the domain seller offered a payment plan before we even closed, which is what gave me the idea in the first place.

Technically, the buyer could also pay 1/12% of the sales price for the opportunity to re-sell at a profit, and if the buyer can’t find a person to whom he could flip it at a profit, he could simply cancel the deal, losing out on just a little bit of money. This is a pretty good way to reduce your risk when you’re simply looking to flip a domain name.


  1. Fantastic plan! I have seen this done in real estate where property is sold to buyer “b” before buyer “a” has closed the deal. Excellent application in the domianing world!

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