Updated List of Domain Industry Newsletters


A long time ago, I put together an article to share some of the domain industry newsletters I receive. That list is totally outdated and not really all that useful.

In a comment posted in response to yesterday’s daily poll asking how many readers sign up for newsletters, Daniel asked if there is a list of newsletters he and others could review. Since I don’t know of any up to date list, I decided to put one together based on my own inbox. This is a bit of a work in progres, as I intend to add more as I think of them. Readers are also invited to share the newsletters they receive if I missed any (which I am sure I did). My apologies to anyone I missed.

Almost all of these newsletters are free, and nearly all are available to the public. Some are delivered daily, and most seem to be delivered at least weekly or monthly.

Domain industry newsletters:

Domain Brokers and Domain Brokerage:

  • Evergreen.com (“The One”)
  • Media Options
  • NameExperts.com
  • Brannan’s
  • Mark Daniel
  • Lumis
  • GGRG
  • Buckley Media

Domain Platforms and Domain Name Auctions:

  • NameJet Saved Searches
  • NameJet News
  • NameJet Most Actives
  • GoDaddy Auctions Saved Searches
  • GoDaddy Premier Services Expired Domain Auction Inventory


  • ICANN Weekly Newsletter

Domain Registrar and Domain Registry:

  • GoDaddy
  • Name.com
  • Uniregistry
  • .XYZ Registry
  • .Brands Digest Newsletter (Neustar)

Domain Disputes:

  • WIPO Domain Name Decisions
  • FORUM Domain Name Decisions (NAF)

Expiry Lists:

  • Dropping.com (paid)
  • Doron Vermaat – DNGeek

Industry Organizations:

  • ICA (for members)

General Interest:

  • DNAcademy


      • Had a busy day running errands and volunteering at my daughter’s school. I figured most are easy enough to find, and if people can’t make the extra effort to find them, well, sorry.

  1. Elliot, I have accidentally registered a short two word domain that I discovered is actually a single dictionary word, too. With your love of one word domains just thought I’d mention that. Not sure that ever happened with my regs before. LOL

  2. I wonder if there are domaining newsletters which are dedicated to or also cover “Buyer’s Request”. If anyone knows one, please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Thank you Elliot! I’m happy that my suggestion was able to bring this list back for everyone today and get new ones added in the comments. I joined all the ones I wasn’t on yet. You rock!

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