Two Good Interviews to Read


I read two domain industry interviews yesterday, and I think you should check them out when you have an opportunity today.

Ron Jackson wrote an interesting article about Bob Olea, a domain investor and commercial airline pilot. I’ve known Bob for several years, have done business with him, and have considerable respect for him and his opinions. Bob recently started his own brokerage,, ย which is now integrated with Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic platform.

Also, yesterday, Ray Hackney posted an interview with Brad Mugford ย at Brad, who primarily uses the handle on forums and blogs, has been a successful domain seller. Brad’s focus is on end user sales, and he’s done pretty well in that area during the last few years.

It’s interesting to read interviews to learn about how people got their start in the domain industry. These two articles are well worth a read.

Is there anyone in the domain industry you’d like to know more about?


  1. I like to know more about Alan Dunn. His blog is newfoundnames. As long as I remember he always talk about work less and enjoy life. But I think it is just a front. He probably glue to his monitor like the rest of us.

  2. @ Poor Uncle

    He’s a good dude (and smart)

    What more would you like to know about Alan… if you could ask him some questions, what would you ask?

    I’ll see if I can get him to answer.

  3. It would be great to know more about Donna Mahony. Since men are the vast majority in the industry, I think a female domainer’s story would be a much more interesting read ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Bob Olea is one of the funniest guys around. When I was a member of the Domain Boardroom, I used to look up a lot of his posts and just read them for their entertainment value! I also met him at Domainfest, and he is just as funny in person.

    Wishing him success…

  5. Eliot,

    I would like to know more about you. I read your bio but you dont really talk about how you got started in the domain industry. I guess what I’m more curious about is how you learned about domaining. Was it through reading blogs and forums and experience?

  6. Hi Elliot,
    On Alan’s website, he said – It is Summer, Work less, live a little. The internet will still be here when you get back. I wanted to ask Alan what about guys like me that held a day job. What about my job? It definely won’t be here when I come back. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just a silly comment to break my stress level. Haha

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