Two Certainties in Life: Domains and Taxes


I know its a bit early to begin talking about taxes, but its much better to think about them now than in April! Although I haven’t ordered this ebook yet, I’ve heard some great things about The Domain Tax Guide, written by Sandy Brooks, CPA. I plan to order it soon to give to my accountant. The price tag is a bit hefty for an ebook, but I think its well worth the investment.

If my friend Steve Maroulis thinks this is a must read, then I certainly need to buy it:

“A real eye opener!!! Must read book for anyone involved in buying and selling domains”
-Steven Maroulis,


  1. Luckily my accountant found it more helpful than I did 🙂 I’d also invest some money on QuickBooks 2008 just so you get at any given time snapshots of were you are.

    I’ve customized it so much that I can see with 2 clicks how much money I’ve spent on, my Paypal fees or the 1099s that I got to send out.

    We’ll talk more on 14th 😉

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