TRAFFIC ccTLD Agenda & Pricing Update

Rick Latona’s team has updated the TRAFFIC Amsterdam conference schedule to reflect the feedback of conference attendees. Instead of the planned 3 auctions, the conference will hold just one major auction. The feedback was that attendees wanted more time for meetings, panels, and networking, and that’s what they’re (we’re) getting. Auctions can be fun, but the heart of every domain show is the networking, and it’s good to see that there will be plenty of it!

I also received word that the conference hasn’t sold out yet, and the early bird pricing of $1,495 has been extended. There is a $395 conference pass, which is good for everything but the evening events. While this is a good deal, I always find the best part of the show is the networking that happens in the evening. People frequently make private meetings during the day, which is especially true for a conference like this where people only have one opportunity a year to meet with partners and clients, so the night time is the best time to network.

I am psyched about attending the show, and I am looking forward to meeting other attendees.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I am also very excited for the show to start. I beleive this is going to be great. There are three factors of importance to me, two of them very special factors:

    a) The topic: ccTLD’s, not living in the USA and working on the ccTLD name space is very special. Many unique features, circumstances, cultural issues, market behavior… to take care of when dealing with ccTLDs, some common to the “classic” TLDs but some other isues, very, VERY different.

    b) The fact that .MX will be there, both with authorities and sponsorship is great. A fantastic entry into the world game. This is my country so, it’s great to be there full blown.

    c) Networking, as you say Elliot. this is a best opportunity you may get
    be alongside important names in the industry.

    So, in short:

    Travel to Europe : $ well, some K’s
    TRAFFIC ccTLD event : $ 1,495 / person
    After event travel and fun: $ well, some more…

    The opportunity of doing it all at the same time, getting to know some
    new friends in this industry and -hopefully- make some good business deals: Priceless.

    As you can see I am also very happy about going to TRAFFIC Amsterdam.

    Looking forward to meet you there, and hopefully exchange lots of ideas and business opportunities.

  2. Hi Elliot, I was not going to the conference but I was fortunate enough to win a free ticket from Mark Fulton from as he had wone the ticket for making the most posts on Rick Latona’s site.

    Mark could not make it so he put it up for grabs on his site and I was the lucky winner.

    So thanks again to Mark for passing it on to me.

    It just makes it easier on the hip pocket nerve LOL now only having to pay for airfares from Oz and hotel accom which I will be sharing a room with Jeff from who will also be one of the guest speakers on the subject on Indian domains.

    So Elliot I look forward to catching up with yourself and Karen in Amsterdam, It should be a great show.



  3. Elliot:

    Thanks for asking ! But not really. I appreciate your offer tough.

    Let me ask as well: Can I bring you anything from Mexico City ?

    I am just really looking forward to meet you in Amsterdam,

    I am getting to Amsterdam on the 30th. and staying at the venue hotel. If you can, let me know when you get there as well.

    I am going with my wife also (who is not much into this domains stuff), so probably she will be going sightseeing, museums,shopping (scary!) etc. Besides the conference’s social events, of course.
    I see that maybe our wifes could go touristing together…

    Best regards from Mexico City.


    • @Felipe

      I arrive on the 2nd (6am) because I am attending a wedding on Sunday and can’t fly out until Monday. No need for anything from Mexico City though – thank you for offering 🙂 My wife would probably like to do that – I will let her know it’s an option.

      This is going to be a great conference!


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