Tracking Landing Page Visits

One of the biggest advantages of using my own landing pages is the ability to track visitors in the way that works best for me. To track website visits, I have a paid StatCounter account. Being able to track visitors and visits is invaluable to me when negotiating with a prospective buyer. I use the 100,000 visit plan and pay $25/quarter.

A prime example of the utility is being able to track people who made an offer for a domain name. When someone makes an offer, I go into my StatCounter account and label the visitor by name and offer amount. I am able to see how many times the person visited before making an offer, and I am also able to see how they ended up on the landing page. In addition, I am able to see subsequent visits. This allows me to see that the person is still interested in the domain name even if they aren’t communicating with me any longer.

Individual visitors aside, I am able to track visits to specific domain name landing pages. This can give me an idea of what type of traffic a domain name is getting. With this tool, I am able to see if people are coming from another website (ie a legacy link somewhere) or if they are typing the domain name in to their browser. Substantial traffic can help me decide that I need to add the domain name to a parking account to better monetize the asset.

Sometimes the data can be a bit misleading. Someone may have inadvertently visited one of my landing pages and continues to accidentally type it in, visiting multiple times. Someone else may keep refreshing their browser or keep visiting thinking they typo’d their intended website. Being able to figure the intent is helpful.

I am pretty sure some landing page providers allow domain name sellers to implement their choice of stat programs. Some people may feel like Google Analytics offers good insight, and I know and Efty allow customers to add their Google Analytics accounts. For me, StatCounter provides the data in an easy to digest manner.


Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • I am able to go into settings to “ignore visits” from certain ISPs. There are a number of ways to tell if a visitor is likely a bot, and I can quickly add those to the ignore section so they don’t show up on what I look at.

      I think this would be more difficult with many thousand domain names, which I don’t have. I am sure I miss some bot traffic, but it doesn’t need to be close to perfect to give me insight.

    • I don’t find it to be much work. It’s a lot of the same networks and I might add one new one every few days when I see multiple visits of different domain names or unknown browser types.

  1. You know that by installing that program , you are opening the doors for them to view your info on your devices!!!
    Sorry to tell you this, you are being track every keystroke, and all your voices are bring recorded and they are WATCHING you and your family!!

  2. Bulls –
    In the USA with 87000 new IRS Gestapo agents it does not it no longer matters about keystrokes – just the firm strokes you do in front of your laptop – I “Type” with both hands BTW..

    Elliot –
    This is very good info.
    Albeit – I do everything in house – including sorting thru the noise Logan mentions.
    In any event I have set up 15 domains on a free month at StatCounter – and i get about the same traffic results as when I parked my domains at Internet Traffic. Where I only park about 10 now – but still get my whopping $600 a month – go figure ๐Ÿ™‚

    So for anybody that does not do stuff in-house – this is a winner suggestion.

    In the end this is just a nice add-on – and does not take away from my in-house model that builds traffic and value in domains via text, back links and the other stuff PPC wont allow vs. parking the domains and slowly killing thier value unless some domain owner is the type that just sits and waits for the phone to ring for the BIG sale ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @brain.
    All they have to do is a flat rate tax12%
    Congress has been bought out by TurboTax and those tax companies
    Filing taxes is a f waste of time and money and unnecessary stress

  4. 99% of my domains now have the StatCounter plug-in.
    My experience is for the same domain, StatCounter finds LESS human typeins vs. InternetTraffic.
    I keep my own traffic stats at what currently in around 25 times what StatCounter considers a human typein.
    This means I do NOT the block “KNOWN” crawlers and SEO sweeps – as I want that traffic from Google,Microsoft,Yahoo and other SEO houses – because that creates more value for my domains. And it exposes and promotes my own internal adertising network more on the Web.

    Point being for whatever PPC revenue you might get in a domain – that platform kills all of that domain’s value especially in SEO
    Colelctively – this is a very good suggestion from Elliot – which others should pursue.

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