Tough to Find a Generic Brand Without Matching .com

Imagine you run a startup company with a generic sounding name. Because you’re a startup with little funding, you’ve decided to save money and use a low value domain name. Perhaps you’ve hand registered a new gTLD domain name or you grabbed something like or instead of You share some news and a major publication writes about your company but doesn’t include a link to your website. Good luck being found.

That’s sort of what happened to a company called WellSaid, which was written about today in TechCrunch. Technically, the company is called WellSaid Labs, but the title of the article mentions WellSaid, and the company is known as WellSaid. In fact, if you look at the company’s website, it refers to itself as WellSaid rather than WellSaid Labs. In the TechCrunch article, there was not a single link to the company’s website. This is not unusual. Many industry and mainstream publications write about a company without a link to its website.

I was curious to see what domain name WellSaid is using, and I directly navigated to That brand match domain name is owned and used by a public speaking and communications firm called Well Said. A Google search for “well said” didn’t help much either. The top results were definitions of the “well said” term. When I searched for “WellSaid” without a space between the words, I found the company’s website. Smartly, the company owns the .com domain name with the full name of the company –

The Google search also showed something interesting. WellSaid is advertising for its own keyword search. If you search for WellSaid in Google, you’ll find the company in Google’s search results, but you will also notice there is an “Ad” at the top of the results page:

My guess is the advertising spend is because people were having a bit of a tough time finding the company when searching Google for the name of the company.

In this particular case, WellSaid was fairly easy to find with a couple of Google searches. I have seen worse situations where a company’s website was more difficult to find. This illustrates a challenge startups face when their domain name doesn’t match the public brand name under which the company is marketed. I can only imagine how many emails intended for email addresses end up in the inbox.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  2. Hello Elliot,
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  3. This article is a perfect example of the corruption of google.

    Do you think google does not know about that company? Of course it does (it now gets money from it). So when someone searches for “well said” it SHOULD have the company high up in the search results. But why on earth would google do that when they can hide the company and then extract advertising revenue from them?

    It’s part censorship and part revenue (extortion).

    I’ll give you another 100% irrefutable and verifiable test to do with google showing their search result manipulation. Please try it now for yourself. This website is now ranked in the top 100,000 websites. Enter the terms “state of the nation” and “state of the nation website” in seperate searches… did you find the site? Nope. Now go to stateofthenation with the dot co extension.

    Now why would google not let you find what you’re looking for…???

    (Note: I need to explain this next part as some people just don’t get it – if you type the exact full web address into google with the extension too (that is, you know the address already!) OF COURSE google give that exact site back to you in results, but if you’d just heard the site but don’t know the exact address they hide it from you.This is an example of the censorship part.)

  4. In order to send email to them, you firstly need to know what their left side of the @ is. From what I can remember, when I want to send an email to a company and I don’t already know the email address, I always choose to copy the email address from the company’s website and paste it into the address bar of my email draft to ensure the email address is correct. Not that I’m saying the “email leak” does not happen, but it might not be as serious as some people think.

  5. I deal with this almost daily, a mismatch between the company name, their domain, logo name/tagline and the name they use (sometimes also different as the official name can have incorporated or corporation and some staff use with out while others with) and don’t forget social media accounts also another name.

    just shocking but true and if you are a good citizen and point the problem out, maybe they say something like: “we are going to hire a marketer” or the other day, a top manager said (copied and pasted sentence and removed company name): “As a company, we are aware of the current challenge. It is the result of a recent management Buy out, as all these [company name] entities were until recently all the same company, but are now all starting to take different directions with a similar name. We still have quite some work to create clarity, but we are working on it!”. my feedback? get this done now not tomorrow. this company I find nothing in online news anywhere about a recent company buy out but a good excuse. Not.


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