The Worst Domain Name Is…

There were quite a few bad domain names submitted in the Crappiest Domain Name contest I held on my blog. I selected the 5 worst names (in my opinion), and you guys voted for the loser… ahem… the winner.

Well over 200 votes were submitted, and the winning domain name was selected by a narrow 3 votes. The domain name that received the most votes for crappiest domain name was

I don’t disagree with the results. Not only does the domain name have 5 hyphens (I don’t even like domain names with a single hyphen), but there don’t appear to be any monthly searches for the term according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Put simply, someone could build the #1 ranking domain name for this term and not receive a single visit (family and friends aside).

It can be tough to get started in the domain business, and everyone probably owns domain names they aren’t proud to own. Domain investors should use these bad buys as a learning experience.

As for what my plan is for this domain name.  I plan to let this name expire as soon as possible, with the hopes that somebody else doesn’t make this same mistake!

Here are the results of the votiing:



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Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Man I am so sorry I missed this contest ! I will be sure to watch for the next one (if there is one) – because i have a doozy! It’s something that when you just read it you want to go scrub your brain with comet. ha ha ha

    You always have the best ideas! love it!

  2. Let me start by saying yes it is truly the worst domain I’ve ever owned and I never buy domains with hyphens either I think I own one other domain with a hyphen.

    Please understand I only registered the domain because it was listed in the Yahoo Directory so instead of paying 300 dollars for a listing I only paid around $8 dollars.

    To be honest I was going to do the samething Elliot is doing and let it expire.

    So, please keep in mind I didn’t buy the domain to sell or develop, it was just intended to forward to another domain that I was going to develop but lost interest. Cut me some slack people we all have our beer goggles once in a while.

    Don’t give me the domain shame crown just yet I’ll redeem myself someday… 🙂

  3. Hi,

    Agree with ‘rjb’…

    Like I said in the other thread…many domains were created to be long and with hyphens for “SEO” purposes, because they were ranking high in Google’s SE at the time.

    So, they did have a use and valid purpose.

    ” Izaak” gives a very good reason and explanation for reg-ing the domain. Even with the length and hyphens.

    There may have been well over 200K+ of these type domains registered at one point of time…up to 69 characters.

    It was a was a very ‘common practice’ for about 1.5 years

    What most people do not seem to understand, the domain was not created for you to remember and spell correctly…It was created for SE rankings only.

    On the other hand….

    The “runner up”… is just plain CRAP, with no redeeming value at all…

    The vote should not have been within 100…much less 3.

    IMHO…as always! 🙂

    Peace To All,

  4. Hi,

    ‘m-y-b-a-d-! .CO’

    I assumed that: “balck-porn .com” was the “runner up”…

    #3. ???????????????????

    I can not say any more on the subject. I am sure more than one person is happy about this…lol

    Peace To All!

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