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Yvonne Canu

Wanted: Yvonne Canu Oil Painting


One of my favorite artists is Yvonne Canu, a French painter who lived from 1921-2008. Canu is known primarily for her pointillist oil paintings. I am looking to privately purchase an Yvonne Canu painting, and if you own one and wish to sell it, please contact me.

Although I am not opposed to buying an oil painting in an art auction, I would prefer to purchase the piece of art in private and avoid paying additional buyer or auction fees. I would also like to buy it from someone who has owned it and appreciated it for a while. I can assure you that it will be appreciated by my family and displayed in a prominent location.

I will leave my price unstated, as it really depends on the work of art and the painting's condition. I am familiar with the value of a Yvonne Canu painting, and I have seen various auction results from Christie's, Sotheby's, and other auction houses that have sold Canu paintings.

If you own and would like to sell a Yvonne Canu oil painting, please contact me here and put "Yvonne Canu" in the subject line. → Read More