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Whoisology Announces New Features


Users of Whoisology will be happy to learn about some new features the company recently rolled out. Subscribers to Whoisology's newsletter received an update this evening announcing the additions they can expect to see.

Here are the highlights of the new features:

Bulk Whois - "lets you download the whois details of up to 5000 domains at once. You can download from the current archive or any of our past archives going back to 2012. The domain & email reports start at $5 per 1000 domains."

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See Other Domains Before Inquiring


I want to share a piece of advice for those of you who opportunistically acquire good domain names privately. Check out whether or not the domain owner has other domain names of interest before sending your inquiry.

Let's say you are in the market for good one word .com domain names and think Exclaim.com would be great for your portfolio (my company owns the name).  Before inquiring, it might be good to have a short list of other domain names the owner has so you can inquire about those, too.

When you are buying domain names on a one off basis, the domain name might be priced much higher than if you are buying a package of domain names. In addition, by inquiring about more than one domain name, the domain owner will likely be able to tell that you are a domain investor rather than someone who is planning to build "the next big thing."

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Revamped Whoisology Website Relaunches


Due diligence is an important aspect of buying a domain name in the aftermarket. Whoisology is a tool that allows people to easily search for public information found in Whois data. I was told that Whoisology was created to help people perform due diligence on domain acquisitions, and it is now a robust tool that can be used in many ways. I learned that a revamped Whoisology website was just relaunched today.

I had a look around the new site before it went live, and it looks pretty robust. One of the nicest aspects of the website is that many of the useful tools can be accessed for free. There are other aspects of Whoisology that will be available for a monthly fee (I am not sure what the cost is, as I do not have a paid account right now).

I asked for some details about the revamped website, and here is what I was told: (more…) → Read More

How Whoisology Helps Me


When I receive an inquiry, either via email or Domain Name Sales landing page, I do some due diligence on the prospective buyer. Most of the time, I have a limited amount of information to use to do my due diligence. The one thing I almost always have is an accurate email address. This is usually enough to learn about the prospect.

The Domain Name Sales platform integrates quite a few tools that can be used to learn about a buyer. You can easily search Facebook, LinkedIn, or  Google to find a match for the email address. This can be useful in determining who the buyer is, but I like to use Whoisology to glean additional information about the prospective buyer.

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Whoisology API Released Into Beta


Whoisology recently ran a survey asking for feedback about its services, and I understand that several responders requested an API. Phil from Whoisology let me know that the company just released the Whoisology API into beta, and they are currently reviewing requests for access to it.

From what I understand, the API will allow people and companies to build products and services using the Whoisology offerings as a base. I am not a tech expert, so I asked Phil for additional details about what this means for domain investors, and here's what he told me about the potential uses for the API: (more…) → Read More

Whoisology Running Survey


As you probably know by now, I appreciate it when companies reach out to clients and prospective clients to get their feedback in order to improve and build products that are of interest. Asking users and potential users for feedback is a great way to learn what needs to be improved and what can be useful.

Whoisology is a neat tool that offers some good information about domain registrants and domain registrations. Whoisology is operated by the same people who operate NameBio and DomainAgents. One way I like to use Whoisology is to search for the Whois email address on a domain name I want to buy to see if the owner has additional domain names that might be of interest. Sometimes you can get a better deal if you buy more than one domain name from someone.

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