Revamped Whoisology Website Relaunches


Due diligence is an important aspect of buying a domain name in the aftermarket. Whoisology is a tool that allows people to easily search for public information found in Whois data. I was told that Whoisology was created to help people perform due diligence on domain acquisitions, and it is now a robust tool that can be used in many ways. I learned that a revamped Whoisology website was just relaunched today.

I had a look around the new site before it went live, and it looks pretty robust. One of the nicest aspects of the website is that many of the useful tools can be accessed for free. There are other aspects of Whoisology that will be available for a monthly fee (I am not sure what the cost is, as I do not have a paid account right now).

I asked for some details about the revamped website, and here is what I was told:

Whoisology has grown to nearly 1.25 billion individual whois records, tens of billions of unique data points, and somewhere over 100 billion pages of content. The new version of the site was designed to allow for a site of this immense scale and has been in the works for months.

The new site is also framework for a whole host of updates.

One of the most noticeable updates will be how older archives are handled. Previously free users could access the full site and full data. Going forward there will still be open archives for the public and free members, but older archives will reserve the personally identifiable information contained in the archives exclusively for premium members.

Another exciting addition will be ccTLD data. This data will be kept separate from the existing gTLD data, but will be easily browsable in the same way our current archives are. Mostly this information will be kept for our premium members, but we will be integrating some of the data to the public archives.

Another long requested feature in the works, is the addition of daily whois updates and archives. This data will allow us to offer domain monitoring / alerts in a format that hasn’t previously been available. This will also be the basis of some other features that we’ll be announcing at a later date.


  1. is trying to sell your personal details without your permission! They are also trying to sell your domains from your behalf! That’s unethical…

    • If it wasn’t clear by your lack of grasping the English language, you’ve made it clear with your libelous accusations that you are a moron.

  2. i tried to buy a beginner account but when forwarded to paypal it said i was buying the advanced for 90/month and i see no way to contact support. too bad. i would of liked to sign up.

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