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Epik Acquires Undeveloped


Reza-Rob-Done-DealAccording to  Epik founder Rob Monster, Epik has acquired the Undeveloped domain name marketplace and sales platform founded by Reza Sardeha. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it appears  that the current team operating Undeveloped will stay on board and the two companies will continue to operate separately. According to the press release "Undeveloped will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Epik Holdings Inc group of Companies with the current management team."

Rob sent me an email with a press release announcing the news, and I have published that below:

Dutch Startup Undeveloped.com Announces Acquisition by US-based Epik Holdings Inc.

Undeveloped joining Epik allows the company to introduce a full-service solution for buying, selling, leasing and managing domains.

Undeveloped.com announced today that it has been acquired by Epik Holdings inc. The integration of the two companies will help Undeveloped further accelerate the growth of its marketplace for digital brands, after more than doubling → Read More

Undeveloped Gives Auction Update


Undeveloped is running a domain name auction in conjunction with the Domaining Europe conference. The auction will feature 150 domain names, and it will be run on Undeveloped's auction platform. The auction is set to kick off on May 24th and will run until June 14th.

According to Reza Sardeha, founder of Undeveloped, some of the high value domain names included in this auction include Estate.com, Bra.com, 43.com, 866.com Textile.com, and Hotel.nl. Reza also let me know about a unique aspect of the auction regarding payments:

"Next to that we're introducing interest free financing to buyers in this auction to get as many as names as possible sold to end-users. Affordability is a big barrier in auctions. We hope this lowers the barrier and opens up the market for a broader audience."

If interested, you should contact Undeveloped to get the full details about the offer.

Bidders who are interested in participating will need to complete a three step verification process with Undeveloped before their account is activated. Once the → Read More