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SnapNames Launches New Website


If you're a SnapNames customer, you likely just received an email from the company announcing a new website. I have published the full email below. At this point, most of the changes are cosmetic, but there have been some functionality upgrades as well.

The changes and updates to the website that were highlighted in the email include the following:

  • Streamlined drop-down navigation menu

  • Easy 1-click access to your account information, financial center, and auction history

  • Advanced Search / Basic Search toggling

  • Automatic refresh of bids in auctions

  • Expanded content and information about aftermarket domains and services we offer

The company intends to (more…) → Read More

BuyDomains End of Year Auction at SnapNames


The BuyDomains end of year auction being held at Snapnames is closing on Thursday afternoon at around 3pm Eastern, and there are 108 domain names listed for sale. All of the listed domain names are owned by BuyDomains / NameMedia. I have inquired about several of the listed domain names in the past, and off the top of my head, it appears there have been price concessions made.

Listed below are the domain names that currently have bids as of publication. I bolded the names that have met the reserve price. (more…) → Read More

Follow Up: Make 1,000% Profit


I want to follow-up to a post I wrote a few weeks ago called "Make 1,000% Profit." In the article, I discussed how people can analyze what names are selling at auction at Snapnames, buy names for registration fee at Moniker, and then sell them on Snapnames. The jist was that you can register a domain name for around $8.00 and sell it for $80 (give or take depending on your starting price), for a 1,000% profit.

Since I posted that article, I went out and attempted to do what I had been doing, with then intention of writing up my results here. I had done what I mentioned a few times, and I wanted to prove that it is still possible, even after I publicly wrote up what I was doing.

In any event, the results aren't as good as the title of my article, but as you will see, I am clearly still more than happy.

Names Registered: 204
Total Spent: $1,550.40

Names Sold: 91
Net Revenue (minus sales commission): $5,849

Total Profit: $4,298.60

All in all, I earned about 3x my investment in profit, and I have over 110 domain names → Read More