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Sedo .ME Auction Results


The .ME Registry held a premium keyword domain auction at Sedo last week, and I have the results of the auction listed below. It was impressive to see so many auctions with bids. What do you think about the results?

Domain name Price Currency 25000 USD 17450 USD 10000 USD 9200 USD 9000 USD 8800 USD 8277 USD 8200 USD 7400 USD 7301 USD 7200 USD 7100 USD 7100 USD 7100 USD 7100 USD 7076 USD 7000 USD 6600 USD 6399 USD 6200 USD 6100 USD 6055 USD 5650 USD 5300 USD 5100 USD 5050 USD 4900 USD 4800 USD 4800 USD 4700 USD 4544 USD 4100 USD 4000 USD 3800 USD 3675 USD 3600 USD 3300 USD 3111 USD → Read More

Estibot Begins Listing Domains for Sale


I am not a fan of domain appraisals. I don't believe in them at all, especially automated domain appraisals that really can't have a "gut feel" about the value, which is often the most important thing for me when considering a domain name.

In fact, I actually have a template I use when I am trying to buy a domain name and the owner mentions or suggests an appraisal.

Ok, now that this caveat is out of the way, I will admit that I checked out an appraisal on Estibot the other day, and I noticed they now seem to list domain names that are for sale in a manner similar to DomainTools.

The name in the graphic above is owned by iReit, and is currently listed for sale at  I am not sure what sales platforms are integrated with Estibot, but I checked a Buy Domains-owned name and it had a sales link, but a Sedo listed name did not have the for sale listing. → Read More

The $200,000 Sale of That Almost Never Happened


Sedo just announced (via DNW) the successful brokerage sale of the domain name for $200,000. The domain name is currently registered to its Domain Transfer email, so I am fairly certain the deal is nearly completed.

If you have a look at the archives in DNForum, there's a thread started by the "mysterious" Kuwaiti domain investor, elequa (also known as Thunayan Khalid Al-Ghanim of Future Media Architects). In the thread, Thunayan mentioned that he was bidding on the domain name at "NW," a Dotster subsidiary, although he did not win. At that time, the domain name sold for around $15,000. Had Thunayan prevailed in the auction, the domain name would never have been resold, as his company does not sell any of its domain names.

Funny enough, someone who goes by the nickname "DomainGoon" (sarcastically) asked, "the real question is, how many years would take to make $15,000 back using that domain?" I guess the answer is 7 years, for more than 1,000% return on that $15,000 investment.


PS: Thunayan - call me... → Read More

General Electric Parks Names at Sedo


geDuring Thanksgiving weekend, while my wife talked with her sister about her baby registry, I checked to see who happens to own The domain name was owned by iVillage back in 2005, but iVillage was bought out by NBC Universal, which is owned by General Electric, the company that now owns the domain name. It wasn't a surprise that a company like GE owned a great name like this. It was a surprise that they are parking it with Sedo instead of having a website on it.

For a number of years, the domain name resided on Yahoo nameservers, but in early April of 2009, the DNS changed to UltraDNS, and later in April, they were moved again to SedoParking DNS. Despite the fact that GE is one of the largest companies in the world, they aren't doing much with this great domain name. They could either partner with a company that offers a baby registry, or forward it to one of their product websites, as they do with other generic names they own.

A quick Google search also shows that other solid GE domain assets are also parked → Read More