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Domain Names & SEO | Sulumits Retsambew


I am not a search engine optimization expert by any stretch of the imagination. At best, I am fair at SEO on my websites, and at worst, I am dangerous to them :). One thing I can tell you though is that a domain name is critical to a successfully SEO'd website, and having the prominent keywords within the domain name is important to its search engine results page (SERP) positioning.

NetBuilders, a well respected Webmaster forum, began a SEO contest a couple of months ago, with a prize of $1,000 going to the webmaster whose website achieved the #1 position for a keyword phrase it coined, Sulumits Retsambew (webmaster stimulus spelled backwards). With the competition nearly over, I wanted to have a look at the top 5 results to see how important experienced webmasters believe domain names are to good SEO, with a virgin term like Sulumits Retsambew.

Here are the top 5 organic results (not including Google News):
5. → Read More

The Domain Name Matters for SEO


I read Rick's Blog this morning about search engine optimization specialists and spammers, and I agree that there is a lot of crap out there. I also know there are a lot of smart people who do this for a profession or a hobby, and a number of people helped me out when requested (THANKS!!).

One thing I took away from Rick's article is that a company's domain name is very important for SEO. Rick said, "Want the best SEO guy? Do a damn Google search!" He proceeded to search for the best SEO guy, and guess what returned #1? A listing for Mic Tienken, whose website resides on - a domain name with the keywords Rick searched.

Personally, I am less colloquial when I search, and I wanted to find the best SEO company. Guess who came back with the number one result... SEO Image, with a website not residing on, but a website on, the exact search phrase I used.

If you want to improve your SEO rankings and do good SEO, it's as easy as analyzing the obvious things on the → Read More

5 With… Bill Hartzer, Search Engine Optimization Expert


Bill Hartzer is a successful writer and search engine marketing and search engine optimization expert who has created hundreds of websites over the years, beginning in 1996, with the establishment of his company's online presence. It was during this time that Bill learned about the Internet and how much power Internet search engines had in helping customers and potential customers find his company's website.

Bill has over 17 years of writing experience, including as a television writer and a computer software company technical writer. Hartzer utilizes his writing and online skills to create websites that are compelling and useful to clients and their potential customers. Bill's primary focus is on business to business search engine optimization, but he is also experienced in optimizing business to consumer websites.

Bill Hartzer's many accomplishments include:

– Founder, Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association (
– Owner/Author, Corporate Web Site Marketing ( → Read More

What Comes First, SEO or Site Development?


This might be a dilemma faced by other domain owners/developers, but I always seem to have an issue with my search engine optimization once my websites are developed. When I consult with friends who do SEO, most give some very good tips, but it can be quite an exasperating amount of work - especially after a site is launched. So, my question is, how do you prioritize your SEO while developing your website?

Much like you can't expect your web designer to be a master coder/programmer and visa versa, you can't expect your web developer to be a master of SEO. As a result, there may be some major issues related to the SEO that would require huge back-end changes, which is something a domain owner/developer doesn't want to hear after a site is launched. When major issues come up, there is a whole lot of redesign that might need to be done, costing a great sum of money. That said, how do you overcome these issues?

Take for example. The site averaged less than 1 visit per day before launch. A couple weeks after → Read More