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NFL Does it Right With Ticket Exchange


TicketmasterI've written three different articles about this topic before, criticizing large companies for advertising either Twitter or Facebook urls in lieu of their own brand. For instance, I think it's dumb for Best Buy to advertise, despite having control over that Twitter handle.

In this case, I want to give props to the NFL for the way they are advertising the new Ticket Exchange program.   During the Saints vs. Vikings game Thursday evening, the first regular season NFL game of the year, the NFL advertised the url for the Ticket Exchange program, directing visitors to   Instead of landing on the NFL's website, visitors are immediately directed to, a website owned by ticketing company, Ticketmaster.

Not only is the NFL url easier for people to remember than the long Ticketmaster url, the NFL can also control this traffic. They should be able to track this traffic, and they are building the NFL brand rather than Ticketmaster's brand.

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