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Canadian Sex Acts


I was watching the show How I Met Your Mother on CBS last night, and the characters discussed a website that they visit, which is all abo0ot (pun intended) Canadian Sex Acts - CanadianSexActs.org.   The site lists the made-up names of a whole bunch of comedic "Canadian Sex Acts," and clicking on each link opens a pop-up page with a photo of Canadian actor Alan Thicke and an error message.

Oftentimes production companies mention domain names/websites in television shows and movies, but they fail to register them (or they're already owned by someone else), and the result is interested traffic to someone else's website.

In the case of CBS' How I Met Your Mother, the characters mentioned the website, CanadianSexActs.org, and the domain name had been purchased a couple of weeks ago - although it has a private registration so I can't confirm that CBS does own it. The site doesn't mention the show, nor does it mention the production company or network. In any case, it's a fun parody website, and it was smart to register it beforehand. → Read More