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Morgan Linton’s Startup Raises $1 Million Seed Round


According to a report making the rounds today, Fashion Metric raised a $1 million seed funding round from a several angel investors and venture capital companies. Fashion Metric was founded by domain investor Morgan Linton and his wife, Daina Linton. The company was founded in Los Angeles, but the Lintons recently moved the company to Austin, which has a booming startup scene.

According to an article that was published today on Gigaom: (more…) → Read More

Appraiso Integrated Into Protrada


One of the benefits of using Protrada is the ability to create websites. Although I have not created a website with Protrada, there are many people who have.

In a press release this morning, Protrada announced that  Morgan Linton's Appraiso  has been integrated into its platform. Appraiso is a website created by Linton and his fiancé  Daina Burnes  to help people appraise their revenue generating websites. With Protrada's website building offering, it's obviously a good fit, as it will allow people to track the progression of their websites' worth.

This isn't the first time that Morgan has worked with Protrada's Troy Rushton. In April, when Troy spoke at the National Achievers Conference in San Jose, Morgan was instrumental in creating the presentation.

Press release is below: (more…) → Read More