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Chill.com Acquired for $1.6 Million

The Chill.com domain name is used by a company called Chill Brands that sells CBD-infused products. Chill.com was reportedly acquired by the company for...

Sedo Adds 6 New Payment Options

Sedo announced the addition of six new payment options for domain name buyers using its platform. According to a representative from Sedo, "hese additional...

Identity Digital: Donuts & Afilias Unveil Rebrand

At the end of 2020, Donuts acquired Afilias and its registry business. The two companies continued to operate and are now uniting under one...

Have You Bought Crypto Domain Names?

I read an article in Ad Age about brands purchasing crypto domain names. The article mentioned some major brands that acquired domain names in...

Pay.com UDRP Fails: Should Have Been RDNH

A UDRP was filed against the Pay.com domain name at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF). The decision was published today, and unsurprisingly, the panel...