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Millennium Surgical Buys for $10k


SurgicalInstruments.comI received a press release this afternoon from a Pennsylvania company called Millennium Surgical announcing its acquisition of the descriptive domain name,  According to a recent domain sales report on DNN, the company paid $10,000 for the domain name using Sedo.

This is a very wise acquisition for the company since its business is surgical instruments. Much like the Melville Candy Company paid millions of dollars to own the descriptive domain name for its business (, Millennium now owns the best domain name for its market.

According to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the exact match search numbers for the term "surgical instruments" is 18,100 globally.  The exact match for the company name, "millennium surgical" is just 91. This is a case where the descriptive domain name is far more recognizable than the brand of the company that acquired the domain name.

In addition to the recognition, one advantage of owning this descriptive domain name is the added SEO value of the exact match → Read More