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Ensure Your Site is Indexed in Google


Yesterday, I blogged about the smart thinking of Melanie Oudin's family, which registered a couple of years ago. With Melanie competing in the quarter finals of the US Open tennis tournament, she is winning over new fans and becoming a highly searched topic. Her website is operational and is run on Wordpress, which Google and other search engines generally love - as blogs typically lead to fresh content.

I was surprised to see that did not rank in the top 100 Google results on a "Melanie Oudin" search. Almost without fail, Google will rank the developed keyword .com domain name fairly well on a search for the exact keyword phrase. I then checked to see if the website was even listed in Google at all by searching for directly. It was then that I found the culprit for its omission from the top 100 results - the site isn't indexed in Google.

Whether the site isn't ranking because it's new (not sure) or whether Google penalized it for some reason, now would be the best time for it → Read More

Melanie Oudin .com: Protecting a Brand


I frequently see cybersquatters quickly grab the .com domain names of up and coming athletes, musicians, and entertainers. Oftentimes, it happens when sports magazines announce a new class of top recruits or after a great public performance when people buy these names like lotto tickets hoping the athlete/celebrity hits it big and the name presumably becomes valuable.

Melanie Oudin is a 17 year old woman from Marietta, Georgia currently competing in the US Open tennis tournament in Flushing Queens, New York. This afternoon, Oudin won over the pro-American crowd by defeating 13th ranked Nadia Petrova from Russing in three sets, and is now one of the final 8 women competing in the tournament.

I wanted to see when someone tried to capitalize on Oudin's success by registering the, and I found that her father had registered it back in 2007 - a very smart move! A professional athlete is a brand, and it's important to protect the brand as early as possible.

With Melanie Oudin's great performance in the US Open so → Read More