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Sunday Afternoon Thoughts


Here are a few quick hits for another lazy Sunday afternoon.

  • The Snapnames Geo & Local Search Showcase has just over two days remaining, and just seven auctions have bids:,,,,,, and As you can see, there are more than just geodomain names on sale, many of which have no reserve.

  • When are people going to realize how much of a waste of money it is to register stupid names about current events - especially those involving athletes, celebrities, and other famous people. Sure, your Tiger Woods domain names may be humorous (doubtful), but nobody is going to pay you squat for them. At best, you will draw the attention (ahem, criticism) of the mainstream media.   Do you really want to answer a reporter's question in front of your family, friends, neighbors, and countless others about why you think your lame Tiger Woods domain names are worth anything?

  • I don't really mind the Sedo redesign.... I actually → Read More