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johnson and johnson Owned by J&J But It Still Sits Unused Despite Tylenol Recall


Tylenol Recall

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Johnson and Johnson subsidiary, announced a major recall of Tylenol products today. According to an article on CNN, Tylenol recalled 21 kid's and infant's liquid medicines, which will be pulled from stores and warehouses as a precautionary measure to protect against possible contamination.

Incidentally, J & J owns the domain name Instead of using the domain name for a website to provide information about the products and brands, serial or lot numbers, and other recall information, the domain name is sitting undeveloped, and it goes to a dead page.   In my opinion, at the very least, the company should forward the domain name to the press release to provide information to worried consumers who type it in to their browsers.

Johnson and Johnson does understand domain names. The company owns gems such as,,, and many other consumer-related domain names and websites. → Read More