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Guest Post: Why IDNs Should Matter to Domain Investors


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My wife and I had dinner the other night with Aaron Krawitz and his wife, Emily. Aaron and I met at a New York domain investor get together, and not only are we both domain investors, but our wives are in the same year of graduate school working on a similar degree. Aaron is an Ivy-League graduate and currently works at a prestigious New York firm.

While our wives talked about internships and the field of Psychology, Aaron and I talked about domain names and investing. Aaron has significant IDN domain name investments, and I know next to nothing about them. I asked Aaron if he would write a guest post about IDNs so I can share with my readers why he and others are so passionate about them. Aaron and his business partner, Gary Males, wrote the following. Hope you enjoy.


Any domainer worth his salt knows the history of the pioneers in the domain industry and how in the 90's they took a risk on buying generic domain names.   Back in the pre-Google days, there was no business model, no parking, no affiliates, no → Read More