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SuperMedia Launches “Super” Domains


Super Media, LLCPat Quinn from Big Iron Design emailed me this morning to share information for a follow-up to a post I wrote about SuperMedia's acquisition of "Super" domain names. The company spent quite a bit of money acquiring domain names in the aftermarket, and it looks like they've launched a number of them.

Some of their new portals include:

When you visit the websites above, SuperMedia seems to be using a redirect to, followed by an immediate second redirect back to the website you visited (you can only notice it if you watch your url bar change). If you visit directly, you can learn more about the purpose of these mini-websites. It appears that the company wants to build small websites for social networking and interactivity between businesses and consumers. In my opinion, this is a smart move.

SuperMedia hasn't built all of their websites out yet, as, → Read More

Idearc Making Play for “Super” Domain Names?


Idearc SupermediaIt appears like the marketing and Internet Yellow Pages company formerly known as Idearc, and now known as SuperMedia, may have recently made a strong play for "Super" domain names.

In this week's sales report on DNJournal, it was reported that, and each sold for $10,000 apiece. All three of these are currently registered in the name of Sedo's Escrow account, presumably awaiting transfer.

This morning, Eric Borgos of Impulse Communications announced (in a comment on my blog) that his company recently sold several Super domain names. The names his company sold were for $7,500, for $3,000, for $7,500, and for $4,000. All of these domain names are registered to Idearc  Media, which is now known as SuperMedia.

The company also owns and In addition, looks to be at Sedo Escrow as well. There may be others, but I only checked a handful of → Read More