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Funny Domain Names By Removing a Letter


There's a funny thread on Reddit asking, "Can you come up with funny film titles by removing one letter from existing film titles?" I thought it would be fun to do something like that with domain names. Of course, it would be easy to do something like that with any domain name, so to make it a bit more "real" I invite you to do this with one of your domain names.

Here are a few of my domain names that would be funny if a letter is removed: (more…) → Read More

My Next Venture – Is it Crap?


There's nothing like starting out on a new venture that is going to be huge. This is really going to leave a mark on the world. Since leaving my corporate job, I've been looking for a project that will leave me satisfied. I thought I had that with my developed geodomain names, but alas, these are nothing compared to my newest project, which has really moved me.

I know this may make me the butt of your jokes, and some of you may pooh-pooh this idea, but I do - do not care that you may think it stinks. This has been brewing for months, but I feel like its finally ready to be released.

Together with the help of a few friends, I am set to push out, a website dedicated to crappy photos and all sorts of shit like that. A friend of mine owns, and I think these two ventures go hand in hand. I will soon travel to the bowels of this country to meet with him in New Jersey, and hopefully we can work together on a successful venture.

Yes... I am shitting you. This foul idea was brewed up over a few beers → Read More