My Next Venture – Is it Crap?


There’s nothing like starting out on a new venture that is going to be huge. This is really going to leave a mark on the world. Since leaving my corporate job, I’ve been looking for a project that will leave me satisfied. I thought I had that with my developed geodomain names, but alas, these are nothing compared to my newest project, which has really moved me.

I know this may make me the butt of your jokes, and some of you may pooh-pooh this idea, but I do – do not care that you may think it stinks. This has been brewing for months, but I feel like its finally ready to be released.

Together with the help of a few friends, I am set to push out, a website dedicated to crappy photos and all sorts of shit like that. A friend of mine owns, and I think these two ventures go hand in hand. I will soon travel to the bowels of this country to meet with him in New Jersey, and hopefully we can work together on a successful venture.

Yes… I am shitting you. This foul idea was brewed up over a few beers and I decided to post it (in poor taste). Enjoy your weekend and be safe.


  1. Urgent! Would someone please get word to Elliot that someone has hacked into his blog πŸ™‚

    Note to vandal: Let Elliot go immediatelty and no one gets hurt.

  2. I still remember a few months ago when somebody offered to sell us the domain, which would have been perfect for your little adventure. But our in house told us there was a scat was trademarked by the Sarasota County Area Transit. Poor guy.

  3. “Yes… I am shitting you. This foul idea was brewed up over a few beers and I decided to post it (in poor taste).”


    I had some photos to submit…
    …including some just taken a few minutes ago. πŸ™‚

  4. El, as the Kinks are singing RIGHT NOW ON MY COMPUTER:

    “You really got me, now, you got me so I don’t know what I’m doing… [EL] you really got me know, you got me so I can’t sleep at night.”

    I bought into your idea, thinking “El is drinking while he’s working! Cheers!”


    I like RoJack’s response… heh heh.

    I wonder if “” would work for your idea?

  5. Elliot….I think you are a little too late. Like they say “all the good names are taken”. Did you ever just type in something strange in the whois to just see if it was taken? It usually is. One day I typed in variations of the word “sh-t”. Sure enough, they were all taken along with that great American pastime “far-ts”.

    One enterprising young domainer actually found his niche. He had variations of “sh-t” in every country of the world, and I mean every country. I quit checking after about 40. Sort of like a new twist on the geo approach.

    Did you ever just want to meet some of these guys? I think a guy like that would be a great speaker at a conference to give his “vision” of domaining.

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