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FreshDrop Announces New Backordering Service


FreshDropFreshDrop is one of my favorite tools when it comes to researching domain names. I spend a fair amount of time using FreshDrop daily to scout names that are coming up for auction on NameJet.

I want to share some news that I received from FreshDrop Founder Tan Tran. The company is now offering a backordering service on According to Tran, "Pheenix customers are allowed to backorder .com and .net domain names for a  low price of $18.95 per caught domain.  Domain backorders currently is on a  'First come, First Served' basis with only one customer being able to  reserve a backorder per domain."

FreshDrop customers can find domain names of interest and place a free backorder that is only charged when the domain name is successfully caught. Keep in mind, the domain name needs to be in "pending delete" status in order to place a backorder on it. Although the company uses a variety of registrars to for its drop catching, all domain names that are caught can be managed from the platform.

Several → Read More

Tip for Buying Valuable Domain Drops


I usually spend a couple hours a morning using Freshdrop to see what domain names will be coming up for auction later this evening at NameJet, and what will be up for auction in a month or so (if the names aren't renewed). There are certain traits I look for in the domain names I monitor to purchase, but I want to share a tip with you that might help you buy some good domain names that can quickly be flipped.

After you've set your personal filters based on your preferences, I recommend having a look to see who owns the same domain names in different extensions. You should also use the Whois history tool to see who previously owned the domain name that is dropping.

This information is invaluable to me, and it should be beneficial to you as well.  Let's say you're bidding on a legal domain name, and you see a large law firm owns the .net. Assuming the name is a descriptive name rather than a branded name (or name of a lawyer for instance), you may want to target that name to buy at auction, with the hopes of selling it to the → Read More

Monitor Domain Names Related to Your Websites and Business


I want to share a tip with you that can help you drive traffic and improve your search rankings. Keep your eyes on domain names that are related to your business, both in terms of current registrations and dropping/expiring domain names. If something comes available and it's not a trademark, acquire it and 301 redirect it.

There have been a number of times I've bought descriptive domain names for my websites that have either expired and become available for registration or are in a drop auction. Organizations and companies seem to frequently change domain names, forget to renew domain names, or think they have no more use for a particular domain name.

Whatever the case is, they let great names with inbound links drop. These names may be worth something due to traffic levels, or they may be worth more in terms of search engine optimization value. I discussed buying the domain name previously used by an arena after the management confirmed they didn't want it. Not only does it bring enough traffic to the page on my site that it's → Read More

Easter Sunday Update


Hope you're having a Happy Easter, Nice Passover, or a great weekend (or all of the above). It's just a week away before our big 40+ mile bike ride on Team Ronald, so we went on a 25 mile ride today. Not that you really care, but it's my blog :)

Here are some Sunday thoughts:

  • One of the best (but rarely stated) reasons to add relevant articles to a website is because of the links they may receive from other websites. It's exciting to see a big spike in traffic to one of my sites that can be traced back to a link from a much larger website, citing an article I wrote. Good, cheap traffic and interest, especially if you're selling a product or service.

  • I love Freshdrop. I made another nice sale from a name I wouldn't have found had I not used Freshdrop. There were only a couple of other bidders and I made a very good purchase. The only bad part was that it was locked at Enom for a month and a half, so it wasn't a quick flip.

  • Speaking of Freshdrop, I saw that is dropping and you'll need to back order it → Read More

Top 10 Domain Tools Websites


I thought about this for a few days, and want to share my top ten domain tools and websites that are beneficial to my business. While this does include a few news websites, I consider them tools because the information provided is used to bolster my business.

These are in alphabetical order.

  • (Weekly sales reports)



  • (News Feeds)

  • (Whois Lookups, Whois History, Reverse IP, Domain Monitor)


  • Estibot


  • GoDaddy (Bulk Domain Checker)

  • Google (Adwords Keyword Tool)

What are your favorite tools/websites? → Read More