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How I Used Estibot’s Bulk Appraisal Tool


EstibotEstibot is a somewhat polarizing tool. Some people use Estibot regularly, and some people are vocal about its shortcomings. I would not say that I am a regular Estibot user, but I want to share how I found it to be helpful for me.

I was in the process of buying a few  domain names from a large portfolio owner. In looking to do an even larger deal, I asked if I could have a list of their portfolio for review. I was sent this very large list with tens of thousands of .com domain names. I tried to look through the list on my own, but I couldn't really focus. I did find a few good domain names, but I was sure that I would miss some of the better names, and if I was going to be able to do a large deal, I wanted to have the best chance of picking out the top names.

I re-signed up for an Estibot account and paid a hair under $150  for a month of access. I had to sign up for a more expensive account because of the number of names I wanted appraised and the short time period I had to appraise them all. I input the names 10,000 at a → Read More

Mike Mann: Estibot “dramatically deflates the value of a domain”


EstibotI think Mike Mann is one of the most successful domain investors, and he has certainly sold more domain names than just about anyone. For those who don't know about Mike's background, you should check out Paul Sloan's Cnet article for more information about him and his domain industry background.

On Facebook this morning, Mike publicly shared an interesting comment about Estibot, the automated domain name appraisal tool: (more…) → Read More

NameJet Changes Auction Pages: Adds Estibot Value


I was following several of my closing auctions yesterday afternoon, and I noticed that NameJet made some additions to the auction page and the backorder details page. For an example of the changes, here is a screenshot of the auction that is coming up (I have nothing to do with this auction): Auction

You can see there are fields for Reserve Range and Estibot Valuation. If the auction  does not have a reserve price, the reserve range field does not show up.  The backorder details page also reveals whether or not a  Pre-Release Auction will be public or private.

I am glad to see the reserve range field on NameJet auctions. I think it is good to know whether or not I  am close to hitting the reserve price when I am bidding. Most other live auctions have the  reserve range, and this addition makes sense to me.

The Estibot valuation is (more…) → Read More

Why I Like and Estibot


Domain investors tend to be critical of Estibot and (which uses the domain appraisal algorithm from Estibot). These two websites offer free automated domain name appraisals, and in my experience, the appraisals aren't all that accurate. In most cases, the domain appraisals tend to be beyond retail value, but that's just in my opinion.

That being said, I think a domain appraisal service like Valuate and Estibot can actually be good for domain investors when it comes to selling a domain name.

When you do a Google search for "free domain appraisal," Valuate and Estibot (more…) → Read More

Estibot Begins Listing Domains for Sale


I am not a fan of domain appraisals. I don't believe in them at all, especially automated domain appraisals that really can't have a "gut feel" about the value, which is often the most important thing for me when considering a domain name.

In fact, I actually have a template I use when I am trying to buy a domain name and the owner mentions or suggests an appraisal.

Ok, now that this caveat is out of the way, I will admit that I checked out an appraisal on Estibot the other day, and I noticed they now seem to list domain names that are for sale in a manner similar to DomainTools.

The name in the graphic above is owned by iReit, and is currently listed for sale at  I am not sure what sales platforms are integrated with Estibot, but I checked a Buy Domains-owned name and it had a sales link, but a Sedo listed name did not have the for sale listing. → Read More