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ESPN Boston

As I reported a little over two weeks ago, ESPN has jumped into hyper local sports news, with its ESPN Boston offering. From a domain investor's point of view, I think ESPN was smart to buy and market, even though it's forwarded to Obviously the marketed domain name is much easier to remember than the longer URL.

From a Boston sports fan's point of view (Sox, Pats, Celts mostly), I love the idea. ESPN has established itself as the leading sports news brand, and it will be great to get a different perspective on the local market. I read the Boston Globe daily (it's my home page), and I will add to my list of daily reads.

Hopefully Boston Sports Guy Bill Simmons will have some exclusive guest appearances on the new site. He was originally smart for owning but ESPN didn't purchase when he went more mainstream, which would have been a smart move.

Never the less, I think this is going to be a winning endeavor for ESPN. → Read More

ESPN Goes Local; Gets Domain Names


ESPNI read that ESPN is going local in a variety of sports markets, and I noticed that they bought many of the domain names they will need to expand their online presence and protect the brand.   ESPN first went local in Chicago in April, and is known locally as ESPN Chicago, and they are planning to enter the Boston market in September. Assuming they find success, they will presumably continue to expand locally, in addition to radio stations they own in many large markets.

Although the network uses the URL for its Chicago site, they forward to that preferred URL: They also own many other domain names for markets in which they may have expansion plans. Some of the local domain names were purchased many years prior as part of the local ESPN radio network, while others have been purchased more recently. I did a quick scan of some of the bigger sports markets, and it looks like ESPN was on top of their domain registrations before making their announcement. - Registered 2005 → Read More