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NamePros Removes High Priced Sales Forum


If you're a frequent NamePros visitor, you've probably been to the High Priced Domain Sales section on the popular domain forum. Although you can still directly navigate to this section, a link to it has been temporarily (I assume) removed from NamePros.

I have not been given an official reason for its removal, but I did receive a private message about it's disappearance when I attempted to list a domain name for sale there the other day.

There was also a public thread on the topic.  According to forum administrator NPQueen,  "We have hidden that forum while RJ is working on improving it. It will either come back improved or there will be another avenue for them. In the meantime they can be listed in another appropriate forum."

I always thought this particular sales venue was well-moderated, and I look forward to seeing what's in store for it in the futute.


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DomainState to be Sold via Auction


I just received an email from the administrators of, a domain forum that is now for sale. The owners have decided to sell it via auction on the site, which will be held January 13 - 15, 2010, starting with a $10,000 bid. My bet is the auction will result in a sale between $20-30,000.

Here's the email I received:


Thanks for your interest in the site, please note the following information about the sale,

General site info:

Started: 12th Sept 2002
Vbulletin Version: 2.2.7
Total members: 12238 registered and confirmed
Total posts: 480,595
Domains included:,,

Revenue: currently unmonetized

Traffic stats: We haven't kept stats as that wasn't something of use to us how we ran it at the time but that as several people have asked for them we are adding in Google analytics. Obviously the amount of stats available before the sale will only be around a weeks worth.
Note also we currently block google from crawling the site via robots.txt.

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