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Hire a Domain Consultant


A couple of years ago, I began domain consulting with a couple of small businesses and a few private domain investor clients, focusing on their domain acquisitions and sales. My clients were either looking to acquire a specific domain name, purchase a specific type of domain name, or they wanted to sell/value some of their domain assets. In the last several months, I've been more focused on my own business growth, and I only work with one client.

Hiring a domain consultant can be a very smart idea for a business. A domain consultant can help a business save money by getting the best possible price for domain names, especially when negotiating with larger portfolio holders with whom the consultant has done business with before. Domain negotiations are unique, and most professional domain consultants have the experience to get deals done privately and at the right price - both on the buy and sell side.

Many domain investors own domain names that are aren't critical to their business, and selling them can bring liquidity without → Read More