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I'm still pretty enthused about affiliate marketing after spending some time at Affiliate Summit in New York a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday, I mentioned that I would like to do some sort of affiliate website for my next project, and I am looking to find a name in a category of interest. I had a couple of questions emailed to me about the project I am considering, and I wanted to explain it better.

To illustrate the idea, I am thinking about something along the lines of owning a name like (just an example).   In addition to explaining how PPC works, discussing parking provider relationships with search engines, and other information, I would have a page dedicated to each domain parking company. The page will give information about the parking company with a sign-up button that has my affiliate link. It's simple, but because of that, I will need a great domain name that will help me get good search rankings, so when someone searches Google for parking companies, the domain ranks well.

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