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Using to Compare EMDs


For the last few months, Bing has been asking people to use to see a side by side comparison of Bing and Google search results. The idea behind the marketing campaign is to get people to see that Bing's results are more helpful than Google's.

It's a neat campaign, and although I don't plan to switch from Google to Bing, I wanted to see how .com exact match domains (EMD) rank on Bing vs. Googles. For this comparison, I somewhat randomly chose 20 keyword terms (where the .com is developed) and shared the rank of that EMD on Google and Bing for the keyword if it is in the top 10. If not, in the top 10, I listed it is "NR" for no ranking. I did not count news, image, or local results. I always chose the left result so I could tell which is Bing and which is Google.

One reason I think this is interesting is that the search is done for the keyword at the exact same time from the same search location. Presumably, it doesn't take my past searches into consideration as a normal search would, so theoretically, my search → Read More