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Coffee.Club Promoted at NamesCon


When I arrived at the NamesCon exhibit area on Monday morning, one of the first things I noticed is that Coffee.Club and the .Club Registry are heavily promoting the Coffee.Club business. The popular coffee stand located between the registration booth and the exhibit hall now has Coffee.Club branding, and the pair of companies have been handing out passes for free cups of coffee to conference attendees (regular cost is around $4 for a large cup).

In addition to the rebranding of the coffee stand, the coffee that has been served inside the exhibition hall has Coffee.Club branding as well. Just about everyone drinking coffee at NamesCon is using a Coffee.Club cup. Because of an existing contract with a coffee provider, the coffee that is being brewed is not from Coffee.Club though.

I think this is smart marketing for two reasons. (more…) → Read More

Winner of the Subscription Is…


Last week, I announced a drawing for a free six month subscription valued at over $300. The subscription includes deliveries of two 13 ounce bags of coffee twice a month for six months. I compiled all of the entries into an Excel spreadsheet, and I used to select a random cell.

The winner of the subscription is Gary S. I will put Gary in touch with Bill McClure and the .Club Registry later on today so they can set up the subscription. Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. is currently featuring a special combination Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Grand Opening sale with a 40% discount offer for gift and regular subscriptions. This offer is valid through December 1st using the code "DotClub" at checkout. The full details of the offer can be found on the website. If the coffee is as good as the coffee from Bill's website, then it will probably be a great deal for coffee drinkers.

As I mentioned in the original article, I was also given a (more…) → Read More

Win a Free 6 Month Membership to


In October, I wrote about the $100,000 deal that was consummated at TRAFFIC. If you visit Coffee.Club today, you can see the business has already been launched. I want to share a special offer that was made to me that may interest you.

Bill McClure of Coffee.Club and the .Club Registry are giving away a free 6 month subscription to Coffee.Club to one reader. The six month subscription will deliver two 13oz bags of fresh roasted Arabica coffee, twice a month (four bags a month) for six months, which I am told is a $311 value. There will be no obligation for the recipient to continue with the Coffee.Club subscription once the 6 months are up.

If you live in the US and would like a chance to win a free 6 month Coffee.Club membership, post a comment here saying "I want to enter" or something similar that. On Sunday, November 30, 2014, I will compile a list of the entrants, (more…) → Read More

Why The Coffee.Club Deal is Good for Both Parties


I've known Bill McClure for a few years, having met him at several domain conferences, and I admire his business successes. I've written about him before, from buying for $100,000 and building a big business on it, to buying at auction. There has been quite a bit of discussion about the Coffee.Club deal, and I think the deal is good for both parties.

What this deal boils down to is something that all domain investors deal with on a daily basis. The .Club registry had a domain name asset in Coffee.Club that it valued greatly. Bill McClure and his team wanted to own this asset, and they struck a deal to make it happen. Some people probably think $100k is way too much, but the deal seems to be struck in a manner  that will make it easier to achieve an ROI more quickly.

I asked Bill about why he chose Coffee.Club rather than any other new gTLD extensions, and he made it clear that (more…) → Read More Launches Affiliate Program


Bouquet.comAs you are probably aware due to my previous articles about the auction and subsequent website launch, Bill McClure is kicking it into high gear with One way he is able to grow this business is to have an affiliate program, and I want to let you know about the new affiliate program for those of you who own floral domain names that get traffic.

Here's what Bill told me about the program: (more…) → Read More

Bill McClure Offers Additional Insight on Acquisition


Bouquet.comAt the TRAFFIC Las Vegas auction, Bill McClure purchased the domain name for $30,000. When the website launched soon thereafter, he was kind enough to offer some insight into his purchase  for inclusion in my blog post.

In the comment section of a blog post last week where the plural domain name was offered for sale, there was some discussion about the purchase and a few excellent questions were posed. Bill was kind enough to offer even more insight into the purchase, which I think is valuable given Bill's successes online.

I think Bill's insight is invaluable, and I thought it would be beneficial to create a separate post with the questions about the purchase and Bill's replies to them. I know Bill is a busy guy, and I appreciate his taking the time to share this with us. (more…) → Read More