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I heard about's sign at SES San Jose, which was a humorous attempt to poach Yahoo Search staff, now that Microsoft's Bing search engine will be handling the search technology for Yahoo. Of course, I did search, using the advertised query My company just gave up on search. Where do I work now?

Smartly, the first result is for However, for some reason, the people at didn't think they needed to plant the top result for the exact same query, only with quotes around it, as I initially entered into the search engine. When I typed in "My company just gave up on search. Where do I work now?" the career center was nowhere to be found.

Although many people probably didn't copy and paste the quote into with the quotation marks as I did, I am sure there were people like myself who did. Shouldn't have considered adding their Career Center link to all variations of the above search query?

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