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Take the DNW Industry Survey


Domain Name Wire's annual survey is now online and ready for you to fill out, and I encourage you to do so in the next few days.

I think it's the most comprehensive survey that primarily targets  domain investors, and your answers will help give a more accurate picture of the state of affairs in this business.

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to fill out, and you can fill yours out confidentially if you'd like. The more people who fill out the survey, the more statistically significant the data. → Read More

5 With… Andrew Allemann


Domain Name WireAndrew Allemann's Domain Name Wire was the first  domain investment blog, and since that time, it has maintained it's status as the leading domain blog. Since 2005, Andrew has been providing unbiased industry news and insight on the business of domain names.

It came as a bit of a surprise to me a couple of months ago when Andrew announced that he was going to work for Directi, as Senior VP  of Business Development for several of Directi's media businesses.

I wanted to give Andrew some time to settle into his new role before asking him some questions about this move and how it will impact him, DNW, and domain investors. I appreciate that Andrew took some time out of his very busy schedule to answer the questions below.

ES: What were the factors that contributed to your decision to work for a large domain-related company?

AA: I've had a couple companies talk to me over the years about coming to work for them.   It makes sense -- I have deep knowledge of the industry and the key people.   I also spend much of my time → Read More

Trusted Name in Domain Industry Launches Third Party Stats Verification


As the founder and editor of Domain Name Wire, Andrew Allemann is known as one of the two most respected domain industry journalists. Andrew has a no-BS attitude, and he really digs into issues more than most other people would. When I learn about something important that needs to be investigated and reported on involving the domain business, Andrew is generally the person with whom I speak because I know he will look into the issue and provide excellent coverage.

Earlier this week, Andrew launched a new service to help domain owners verify traffic stats on domain names they intend to sell. DNW Certified Stats is a brand new third party statistics verification service that allows domain owners to share verified traffic and revenue stats with potential buyers. Instead of buying a domain name based on a potentially altered screen shot, or purchasing a name with traffic based on a person's word, domain name buyers can rest assured knowing the reported numbers are accurate and confirmed.

The service is very easy to use and is → Read More Grabs After Carlson Let it Expire


Tucker Carlson Keith OlbermannThe news circling the political pundit websites today is that The Daily Caller, a website founded by Tucker Carlson, purchased On the new website, there's a bold headline, "WE OWN YOU The Daily Caller acquires"

Later, it was Andrew Allemann who pointed out that Tucker Carlson had to go the UDRP route to get his domain name,   Carlson filed a UDRP and was awarded his domain name in June of 2008.

Now has gotten in on the action. In reporting today's news bits and mentioning Andrew's article, the website poked fun at Carlson for being cheap and not spending a "couple bucks to nail down" wrote that it purchased at Godaddy, although they are using a privacy protection service.

The irony of the whole thing is that the current registrant of (presumably a company associated with Carlson because he won the UDRP for it) was the previous registrant of, and they let → Read More