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Home Depot Monetizing Website with Adsense


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I was looking through the Home Depot website today, and I saw something that I think is a bit strange, and I wanted to see what you think about it:  Google Adsense advertising blocks on

I was shopping for a bathroom vanity at Home Depot, and I saw a link to, which is a competing website/company.  Why would Home Depot want to make a tiny fraction of the revenue for my click than they would if they would sell me a full vanity, sink and faucet?

I monetize some of my smaller website with Adsense, especially the sites that don't have direct advertiser relationships and don't offer products for sale. I like the flexibility of Adsense, and I appreciate the fact that I can make money on some of my sites without actually having to sell anything.

I've always been taught that it doesn't make much sense to send potential customers to a competitor for a fraction of the revenue that you could make from a sale. For instance, if I was selling $100 sneakers with a 30% profit margin, it wouldn't make → Read More

Guest Post: Could Revised Google Adsense Policy be a Game Changer for Alcohol Related Domains?


Here is a guest post from Pat Quinn of Big Iron Design, LLC.

Will Google's New Adsense Policy for Alcohol Ads Increase Manufacturer Spending Online?

Last week Google changed their advertising policy on alcohol to allow ads that promote the sale of hard alcohol and liquor.

Will this new policy encourage the adult beverage industry to spend more of their 2-3 billion dollar annual budgets online? They're not spending much of it online right now, that's for sure. According to this 2008 report, the top 12 advertisers in this sector spend less than 2% of their advertising dollars online. More than half of that amount probably goes to their own web sites judging by this chart which breaks down the spending by venue. That amounts to roughly 2 million dollars a month for internet advertising aside from the manufacturer's own sites. By contrast, they're spending almost 69 million a month for TV, 50 million a month for Point-of-Sale, and 29 million a month for Sports, Sports Teams and Athletes.

In 2008 Google changed their policy to → Read More

When Do You Add Adsense to a Website?


I recently received an email from a long-time reader who I have spoken with on several occasions and have done business with in the past who is looking for Adsense advice.   He gave me permission to include parts of his email into this post to get opinions from my blog readers:

We finally launched the websites last week ( and

We're not in a big hurry to sign advertisers on yet, as traffic is just starting to build.   My developer suggested I put up Adsense (color matched to the site) as an interim solution.   I've heard a lot of positives. I've also heard that there are negatives to putting up Adsense ads on a newly developed website.

These are fully developed websites targeted to a very large (yet niche) audience.     We intend to develop them further and grow the user-base and traffic to its full potential.   In other words, we're in it for the long-haul.   Eventually, we will have relationships with direct advertisers or with Ad Networks.
What are your thoughts on → Read More

Monitor Your Adsense Ads


When developing a website, I really like to use Google's Adsense. Not only can I customize the ad units to integrate into my website, but I can also use graphical banner advertising, which not only generates revenue, but it helps give the appearance that advertisers want to be advertising on a particular site. Technically, they may not know they are advertising on certain websites at the time, but they are able to block them if they don't wish to advertise there any longer.

One drawback though is that certain advertisers, who may have opposite beliefs than your website, can still advertise on it. For example, on a religious website, a website that is owned by a group who has conflicting beliefs can still place advertisements depending on the keyword match they are choosing. These links can take visitors of your website to another site, potentially angering the visitors, especially because people don't always realize how Adsense works.

A website owner is able to block certain urls from appearing, however, there may be hundreds → Read More