Sunday Updates & Tips


Hope you’re having a nice weekend! Here are some brief updates and a tip on buying domain names.

  • I recently bought a domain name that I had been trying to buy since 2007. Since I use Gmail, all of my sent and received emails are archived, so I can easily search for an email from the past and can rekindle the thread. Every year, I followed up with the owner and finally got him to sell the name. Persistence pays off, and if you catch the owner at the right time with the right offer, you might get lucky.
  • No matter what email service you use, make sure it automatically archives ALL of your email  permanently  unless deleted by hand. I am pretty sure AOL and some other services expunge email after a certain amount of time, but if you have an archive of all mail, you can email people who made offers years back and keep track of inquiries. I use Gmail and it keeps everything, allowing me to rekindle old threads and see if a new inquiry matches and old one.
  • You have a few hours to nominate your favorite account manager/executive for my $500 cash award. Many great reps have already been nominated already, but I am sure there are a few who haven’t been recognized yet, despite being great at what they do. I will be posting the poll for open voting some time tomorrow.
  • I am sure you’ve seen the .CO banners and other marketing materials that use the “big ideas” branding, including a banner that’s running on my blog that says “it’s where big ideas belong.” It looks like the folks at .net have   decided to use that line, too. According to the Internet Week NY sponsors page,  “.net. is a place for big ideas.” Ironically,  .CO sponsored the event last year.
  • Being a dad is pretty f-ing cool.


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