Sunday Updates


As you know by now, I am a big Red Sox fan. I had the privilege of going to Fenway Park for the first two Red Sox ALDS playoff games. The Red Sox won both games, and are ahead in the best of 5 series 2-0. When I was living in NYC and thought about living in Boston, going to Sox games was something I was very excited about. It’s been an exciting season.

Here are a few updates for you

  • If I had to guess the price of the auction, I would guess it will sell for more than $500,000. I think it’s probably a seven figure domain name under the right conditions, and as you probably know, it’s more challenging to sell a domain name for optimal price when the seller is looking to sell rather than when the seller is fielding an offer. That said, I can think of several major companies that would want to buy this asset, and I think it will sell for $500k+. You’re invited to guess the sale price and offer feedback.
  • I understand that there are usually more dislikes than likes on the Weekly Brokerage Listings comments. I think it’s attributed to the fact that the quality and prices don’t seem to be targeted at domain investors. Good names tend to receive far more likes, even if the prices aren’t great. In addition, there have been a number of sales, so if you price good names fairly, they might sell. As I say each week, if you can’t take criticism, you probably should list the names in a different venue.
  • Looks like Go Daddy’s “It’s Go Time” campaign is expanding and possibly moving away from Jean Claude Van Damme. I saw a commercial featuring small business owners discussing how Go Daddy helped their business. I haven’t seen this type of commercial from Go Daddy before, and I think it’s a good thing. The one criticism is that it was tough to read the white urls on the florescent green background.
  • Congratulations to Rick Schwartz on another big sale. Looking forward to hearing about what name he sold. If I had to guess, I would guess it is a numeric domain name, but I guess we’ll see.
  • If you’re going to TRAFFIC in a couple of weeks and want to have a chat, let me know. I think I get the most value from meeting with people, and some of the best things I’ve learned come from people I’ve met for the first time at TRAFFIC. It can be a bit hectic, so if you want to have a private discussion, let me know.
  • Speaking of TRAFFIC and the Red Sox, if the Sox make the ALCS and it goes to a game 7 during the conference, I’ll probably host a viewing party somewhere. Let me know via email if you want to get together. I don’t want to steal any thunder from TRAFFIC, so it will be small.


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