Sunday Update


Today is a straight up lazy football watching day. If I do anything but watch football and maybe answer some emails, I will be a bit disappointed in myself. Here are some Sunday updates.

– The Chocolate Show I went to was not what I expected. I hate waiting in line for anything, but I ended up waiting in line for 45 minutes to get in (wouldn’t have waited if my wife wasn’t there). It was crowded inside and was not really much of a tradeshow. I didn’t even mention my domain name to anyone.

– So far so good on Lots of traffic producing good questions and answers. I need to work on some spam issues though… I have been deleting them as I see them though but it’s annoying to deal with. If you have any questions, comments, bugs, or any feedback about the site, please let me know.

– It might not be that smart of me considering this is what I do for a living, but I don’t really follow the activities of ICANN. George Kirikos of Leap of Faith Financial Services does follow ICANN closely, and he provided some comments on the DAGv5, which was supposedly the final version. All I can say is what a clusterf**k this seems to have become.

– I heard Andrew’s Austin Domainer meetup was a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there, but maybe next year.

– With TRAFFIC San Francisco and Domain Roundtable in Nassau happening in March, I think many people will have to choose one or the other. If you’ve thought about it, which conference are you more likely to attend?


  1. Hi Elliot, happy slow weekend 🙂 Ive been reading your geo-domain related posts, nice job, it seems Im drawn to it now.
    It has a lot going for it, even smaller places. If a place has some population, say big enough to hold more than 2 or 3 of a certain business type, especially when there is other appeal like tourist destination, future development, historical significance etc. then there will always be advertising, always be interest, and always be a civic group who will buy it at some price higher than reg.
    All the big places are long gone I know but Im finding some cool niche locations on the drop. So far Ive got the ultimate beautiful dutch village, and a coconut tree covered tropical island in the Indian Ocean. One day maybe when you have too much money to know what to do with someone like yourself might retire there and buy it off me!!
    Failing that Im hoping maybe its the next Jumerai beach hehe

  2. San Francisco sounds great, but I’ll be going to DRT. The fact that it’s in the Bahamas was too big of a draw for me, because it’s a conference and vacation rolled into one. Early bird registration opens in about 3-4 weeks, and from what I’ve heard, it’s going to be very reasonably priced. I’ve already booked my flight!

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