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The east coast was hit with a pretty big snow storm this weekend, and I know a few people who lost power. Hopefully you made it unscathed – and if you live elsewhere, I hope it’s been a nice weekend. Here are some weekly updates:

– I try to send follow up emails after meeting with people at tradeshows, and I appreciate it when people do the same. The photo above is a cookie I received from The Parking Place that says “RIP PPC.” There was also a card with a note from Jenny Johnson (company VP). It’s a great way to remind potential clients and business partners to get back in touch, and especially appropriate with Halloween coming up tomorrow.

– To follow up with my article about creatively bridging the gap in a negotiation, another great way to bridge the gap is to ask for a product or service from the buying company. For instance, if you’re selling a domain name to Best Buy, perhaps you can ask for a gift card as part of the deal.

– Numeric names continue to be hot… I keep receiving emails on a 3 number .com name I sold last year. People also continue to ask if I have any or know anyone selling any .com numeric names (2,3, and 4 numbers). If you have any for sale, let me know and I will try and put you in touch with a buyer – no fee or commission necessary.

– There’s going to be a .CO auction with some premium domain names starting tomorrow on Pool. I am sure you’ll hear more about it tomorrow, but just giving a head’s up.

– I want to buy a more comfortable office chair and am looking for suggestions. I am thinking about a Herman Miller Aeron chair, but they’re expensive, and want some feedback if you’ve tried it. Other recommendations would be appreciated.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hey Elliot:

    The Aeron chairs are great. I worked for a company that bought a bunch of them used after the big .com bust. They are extremely durable so I would recommend checking out a used model. Probably a couple of hundred dollars.

  2. Elliot,
    A good chair is worth the money. Make sure u sit in a chair before u order one. I was going to but the hm aeron but did not feel comfortable in it. I went for the humanscale freedom chair. It was worth every penny.

    Btw the aeron comes in different sizes so make sure u try the correct one for your frame.

  3. I have a family member who works for Humanscale. If not one of their chairs, he swears that the ergonomics are a real thing and it is well worth buying the right chair (in addition to developing habits like getting up every so often to walk around for a few mins, etc).

    I happen to work at a drafting table and stand for a good portion of my day. That’s more about jumpy legs (or whatever) but when I’m hacking code and having to sit for extended periods I wish I had a better chair. I should listen to my big brother. 🙂

  4. I agree – you need to sit in the chair to know if it’s right for you.

    I personally am not a fan of the Herman Miller chairs. I like a headrest as it helps remind me not to lean forward and crane my neck.

    After shopping around for over a year, I finally found the Humanscale Freedom Chair and LOVE it. There’s an office liquidator store near me in Denver that gets them in all the time and I got mine for a few hundred as opposed to nearly the $1,000 sticker price.

  5. Elliot-

    I’ve got an older model of the Aeron at my work desk. I’ve been sitting in it for about 6-7 years and without a doubt the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. Great lumbar support and the ventilated material makes it extremely comfortable to sit in for long hours. You’re right though…they are very expensive….but…my company bought mine for me. I think if I had to spend my own money I’d still go for it though. Mine is still in perfect condition and I’m going to ride this thing out as long as it holds up.

  6. Hey, Elliot, There’s no way I’d ever buy a used chair because the chair adjusts to the sitter, and it will be broken down in certain spots… or at least broken in. The second thing is that everybody has a sweet spot for where they want their legs to rest, and the small of their back to rest, so it is really important to try a chair out. (Short waist, long legs, long waist, short rise, etc. means that one chair does not fit all.) Third, we sit too long, and we need to be able to periodically adjust the height of the chair, etc. Fourth, we need to move around, even in the chair. Guys especially need to spread to a natural leg position, which MOST of the chairs out their prevent by stupid bars or supports for the arm rest. I bought and love this chair Sam’s Club because it lets you move your legs unimpeded, and it has become the favorite chair in the house, for family and visitors. Fifth, as a four decade chair sitter, and spending way too much time in front of the computer, with the flexibility of a laptop, I try to change where I’m sitting several times a day… so I have two office chairs. It works great. But my favorite one is the one I mentioned that I picked up at my local Sam’s Club. VERY comfy, and pretty stylish, too.

  7. Someone is selling a Humanscale Freedom Chair on Craigslist (Manhattan):

    “I’m selling a mint condition Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest (retails near $1000). Pick up only (sorry I don’t have a car). Any questions, let me know!”

    There’s also a photo which looks actual and not a stock photo.


    Several Herman Miller (used) Aeron chairs also offered by various other parties.


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