Sunday Afternoon Update

Hope you are having a nice weekend. I’m exhausted, having just completed the 44 mile 5 Boro Bike Tour this morning. My muscles are sore, but it feels great to have done this for such a great organization.

Here are some of my thoughts this weekend:

  • I am very surprised that didn’t meet it’s reserve (somewhere under $25,000) at Sedo last week. I was almost positive the domain name was going to sell, although I personally don’t invest in .net domain names.
  • I am strongly thinking about re-developing using my business model (while keeping all the content). The site receives over 10,000 visits a month, and many of those people are looking for breeders. The only thing that scares me a bit is that I don’t have many inquiries about advertising. I am conflicted – what do you think I should do?
  • People always seem to be interested in learning what names I am buying. Here are a few recent aftermarket acquisitions:,,,,,,,, and How about you?
  • The other day, someone commented that my blog was a bit less “sticky” since I am rarely discussing my development projects. I have not been starting new projects lately because I have enough work with my current projects. Additionally, sales have been picking up, so I am focusing more on acquisitions and sales rather than development. When times are tough, development can help build new revenue streams, but when my sales are great, there’s far less of a need to build these new streams, although I continue to focus on my current projects.
  • I’ve said this several times, but people continue to email me questions about domain investing. I don’t offer private consulting services, but I will do my best to give you a thorough answer if you post your question on
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot,

    Love! That name is screaming that it wants to be a brand. Some other nice pickups in that list as well. Congrats!

    re:, I say, why not try? It could turn out huge. The downside is you could lose your development costs + time, but the upside is much bigger with that kind of traffic IMO. The traffic is what would push me over the edge. Good luck!

  2. this is good

    I got, and

    All hand reg and already making money and offers.

    Okay now time for my bike ride.

    Once again – Dot com is KING and I love this BS word domain game. do you???

  3. Don’t like .net?

    they’re GOLD

    easy to hit page one

    let’s see

    a few in our AUTO niche

    goes with and


    any large city car repair client is easy 2K a month

    minor markets 1K


    now lawyers are better payers that you hate that you hate

    we won’t sell one, but all the keywords .tld will have up to 300 sub domains eventually

    the geo’s will have one client

    so keep finding stuff to get 50 buck a year clients on

    I’ll stick to lawyers and mechanics

    mechanics got dough

    so do lawyers

    • @ Lord

      I know good legal names are worth good money… I sold several attorney .COM names in the last few months, including in February.

      I don’t see advertisers or even sites on your domain names….

      I stick to .com, like rather than something like The name without the first “i” would be great, but I don’t see it being worth much.

  4. I like the best.

    Some of my latest hand regs include, and review domains like

    I am also in the process of selling one of my Financial domains for $4000 USD.

  5. Hi Elliot,

    I noticed that you have several domains, just wanted to let you know about two related forum domains that I have in case you might be interested.


  6. Nice work on the race, what was your final fund raising tally ?
    Don’t do the birds dev. imho you’re time would be better invested in more profitable things. (maybe need to heed my own advice and quit posting on this darn blog)
    i agree on being nice

  7. Yep lawyer keywords money
    But development key
    We dont use ads
    We put clients on multiple subs
    All they want is first view
    So i can stick anyone first view on this stuff
    Net biz org
    Dont matter
    I prefix or e
    Dont matter
    The money is in deveopment
    U hit page one map
    Get high rotation ppc
    Have high response content
    They pay
    Big bucks each keyword
    U give me any billion dollar industry keyword i or e prefix
    I can hit page one all day
    Any city
    Each hit worth money
    I travel
    I casino
    I hotels schartz has
    I lawyer
    I attorney
    I auto repair
    I car repair
    I domains
    I real estate
    All are development gold
    So i domains hotter than anything now
    Look at that icloud crap

  8. our clients are all page one
    most #1
    I gave examples here for some terms we target ourselves

    couple of years ago we targeted a ton of seo stuff

    worthless leads


    broke people mostly

    so now we target where the money is

    perfect example


    SEM is our niche

    put it together

    we’re #1 where we want to be

    lawyers looking for ‘seo’ this late in game are morons

    lawyers looking for SEM

    yep, they have a clue

    typical lawyer has this problem

    200+ lawyers all buying the same term, so impossible to break high into rotation

    we take over ppc rotation

    and maps

    and organic

    that simple

    so a professional keyword term is the action for us

    some lawyers have to spend now over 100 bucks a click

    and there’s 20 pages of lawyers trying to get in line

    see the ‘problem’

    now if you were a PIA, we’d be talking and you type in a few keywords and see our work

    you’re not, so, oh well

    all I can say is WE DO IT

    and the big guys KNOW we’re doing it big time

    and that’s why one moron’s company targeted one our clients with fraud

    now they’re getting sued for huge bucks


    read between the lines

  9. @josh


    youtube blows

    but it’s a necessary evil

    google owns it

    so if you want to get in their graces

    you’re forced to put videos on boob tube

    99.9% of youtube blows

    but if you have a HD video done by a high level producer on youtube

    big brownie points at google

    high QS scores

    lower ppc costs


    but the people using youtube, mostly kids

    yet, if you want to get ‘in’ with google

    you put your videos on it

    boob tube though

    99.9% of it is crap



  10. @ DL
    Don’t like .net?

    they’re GOLD [agree]

    My dirty dozen hand registrations
    to close out April.

  11. Here are some of my latest hand registrations that I picked up in April:

    I too was surprised that didn’t meet the reserve. I buy a few .NETs here and there but stick mostly with .COM.

  12. @Elliot, def redev TropicalBirds and keep us updated coz I could use the knowledge of the results. I’ve got a similar situation on, gets several thousand visits a month and most click about horse breeding, and I’m not sure how to dev it but want to. Your answer could be my own.

  13. Congratulations elliot on today and domain purchases. Wonderful domain names imo.

    @Pat good eye.

    Tough call on Focus on what makes you money and keep the money flowing inn from domain sales imo. Or contact your friends at sedo and see what’s up with domain sale that Pat noticed

  14. 10k visits/mo. is worthy of redevelopment.

    i like the college name.

    i have recently acquired:

  15. I would only buy a .net if the .com was taken and not being used for the your intended strategy. If you wanted to do a Boston travel guide or business directory would be your best available domain name.

    I was looking at the domain but I felt the reserve price was set a little high.

  16. Dear Elliot,

    Regarding your animal names, please do some research first and be kind to those you might inadvertently hurt.

    For if you open it up to breeders just remember that overbreeding birds for human captivity and pleasure is often not the right thing for these intelligent creatures. And many species outlive their “owners”. Many owners don’t know how to properly care for their birds, either, making the situation even worse. Birds were meant to fly – and to teach humans more about the wonders of the world. They weren’t meant to be caged.

    How about an educational site instead? Something that appeals to younger generations. You could get pro tropical bird experts to contribute articles.

    If you can’t think of ways to monetize that, you could say it’s not always about money. But I bet over time you would figure out or stumble upon some cool ways to make $ while helping out the birds and the next generation. Adults would love it too. Moms own the pocketbooks of the web.

    For the, please also do some research. No matter how you monetize, you can easily add educational information that shows your love of dogs. Give examples of how to responsibly use collars. You’d be surprised how much sadness happens in this space.

    I’ve seen many dogs who had regular collars on that were so tight around their necks that it didn’t allow that area to grow properly. People set it and forget it, even when their dog is still growing. And many dogs are acquired solely to be chained up in the yard. People want a guard dog and then when he or she starts to bark too much (out of loneliness and depression and fear) the owners want a no bark collar next. If the way you get your dog to stop barking, is to buy a no bark collar, then that’s problem #1.

    Can you imagine a no cry collar for a baby? It’s the same thing. You aren’t going to shock the baby to get it to stop crying; you are going to work on the reason he or she is crying and/or provide a soothing means to calm down or get some sleep.

    I would use these sites for educational purposes – you would be amazed how much dog walker business you could get if your prospects knew how much you truly cared for dogs! (And tropical birds). πŸ˜‰

  17. Very much enjoyed the interview on DomainSherpa. (And, as long as you asked…) You mention developing sites around topics you really care about. For that reason, as great a name as is, I’d give it a nay.
    Your recent acquires are all great. My favorite is Over 750,000 exact match Google search results. Infomecial material!
    A couple of my recent regs are and

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