.CO: “New Way to Go”

Two friends of mine from Arizona submitted an interesting newspaper advertisement they saw from Chapman Ford in Scottsdale. The ad crosses out the m in .com, and states, “Arizona’s New Way to Go” which is used as a clear reminder that the dealership’s website is a .CO domain name rather than .com.

As you can see in the ad, Chapman Ford of Scottsdale uses ChapmanFord.CO, likely because Chapman Ford in Marysville, Ohio uses ChapmanFord.com for its website.  Interesting, ChapmanFord.US currently sits unregistered, while the .net and .org are registered and used by dealerships.

In my opinion, this usage illustrates why .CO is beneficial and why I believe .CO domain names are going to be much more commonly used in the next few years. When the .com is unavailable, the .CO makes sense, although you can see the company is certain to emphasize that they are .CO and not .com, which is important at this point in time.

I think this happens to be a smart move by Chapman Ford, and you can make a note on your calendar to check back in a year to see if they’re still using it. I recall that Bank of America used and promoted .mobi at one point, but that marketing seems to have disappeared.

Again, despite having a long term positive outlook for .CO, I am not currently buying additional .CO domain names for my portfolio.

Also, I am riding in a 44 mile bike ride today, so if your comment isn’t approved immediately, it will be posted upon my return.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    b. the few who see it, most will type in .com

    now if they had MONEY

    they could dominate google for anyone looking for their terms

    here’s what they think of the .co

    you look up phoenix new ford

    what you see


    so you saw a test ad that will FAIL

    if they believed in it, they would be putting their ppc on the .co

    but google would say WTF a .co buying ford shit in AZ


    or back of line in rotation

    they’re IT is so weak they can’t even break page one for a map or organic


    losers they are

    let’s see

    our industry keyword

    ‘lawyers sem’

    wonder who is #1

    page one google maps

    who is #1

    when SEO was ‘in’ we showed up

    unqualified leads

    so we dropped most ‘seo’ terms ON PURPOSE

    now it’s industry SEM terms, money terms for us

    or PAGE 1 GOOGLE MAPS stuff

    those are the people that have a clue

    if you’re looking for SEO now, you’re 5 years behind the times


    Page 1 google maps


    but two years ago, if you looked for page one google or yahoo or bing, our work made us #1

    then we saw the morons calling

    so we shut down those terms

    unqualified morons

    now when a lawyer looks for SEM


    he’s who we want

    lawyer SEO

    not interested

    lawyer SEM

    SEM involves PPC management

    anyone looking for SEO is CHEAP

    you have to educate them on the concept of partnering with google

    they don’t understand, SEO is dead

    it’s not first view now

    only 2 maps and 5 ppc ads for PROFESSIONALS now show for geo serps for high valued cpc terms

    new york lawyer

    no organic

    so why you want to talk to morons looking for seo

    seo is not first view

    ppc and maps is



    and WE OWN THEM

  2. Interesting… I actually thought the route the registrar and other advertisers were going to follow was that of asking the public to DROP THE M in the .COM.

    “Drop the M and enter a new dimension.”

    Something of that sort. Instead, Godaddy came up with a Super Bowl ad that left did not do much for the .CO, if anything at all.

    The public still has no idea what the .CO is.

    That may change eventually, and I hope it does.

    But that’s the current status of the .CO extension.

    • @ Osy

      I agree with you almost 100%. My instinct tells me that the public will adopt it if more companies have similar marketing campaigns/strategies to this company. Of course, I could be wrong and that’s one reason I am not actively buying right now. It will take time for this to happen (if it does) and I can make a lot more money investing in .com names in the meantime.

  3. That’s just stupid, X over the M, why not just ask for everyone to mistype and show how pathetic you are.

    On a side note if it becomes trendy to cross out the M I way try to get a new extension going… .comx or .coxm lol

  4. lol, they sure did a poor job with this one ….FAIL. The M is still very visible. At least the Ohio ChapmanFord dealership will benefit from the extra typo traffic. People aren’t even going to think about it, they’ll still type .COM. It’s almost sad to see.

  5. agree with josh on this one LOL

    a lot of people will be burned off .co-domainers, end users and the only people laughing to the bank are the founders of .co, registration place and domain bloggers who are collecting ad revenue imo. (not attacking my domain blogger friends)

    long live the .COM

  6. .co has value
    if it’s a spanish word that people in colombia have money for
    what % of the population in colombia use the net?
    it’s a poor country from what I hear
    but they sure produce a ton of hot chicks
    a few of the girls I date the past few years were all colombians
    long jet black hair
    gorgeous faces
    big eyes
    hot blooded
    they love sex, these colombian babes
    absolute maniacs in the sack they are
    maybe ho.co is worth something
    some good spanish words in .co that are probably open for reg’s

    yep, all these open in .co


    the top spanish curse words

    • @ Brad

      Not comparing to .com here, but differentiating from it since a competitor operates on the .com.

      @ .coM

      Did you miss the other url on the upper right, which doesn’t have the illustration?

  7. Here’s why .co will fail, as an ‘investment’ tld

    Let’s fast forward a short time

    X company invests Y dollars in keyword.co

    Chairman of the company or even the head IT guy holds a meeting with the head SEO/SEM gurus in the company

    Okay boys/girls (yeah sure chick gurus NO WAY)

    So let’s see the ROI on the keyword.co you had us ‘acquire’

    Has the keyword obtained significant organic position on Google?


    Has it obtained organic position on Yahoo and Bing?


    Has it helped in lower our ppc costs any?


    And why has this keyword we spent Y dollars on, returned any income for us?

    Well you see boss, it’s not a real TLD, it’s a cc tld, and to the search engines, they think it is only significant in COLOMBIA, so no matter how much we put into SEM or SEO on this DOG, it won’t matter.

    So the boss says, who recommended this DOG?

    They all say YOU DID BOSS, you told us you thought we should get it.

    Ok, so I FIRE MYSELF the boss says


    Anyone trying to make a .co do anything will never succeed



    The king has NO CLOTHES

    It’s a lousy cc tld for COLOMBIA

    That’s all it will ever be long term

    Sure some morons are dealing in it now, it’s a fad, once people realize it is COLOMBIA for google, and yahoo and bing, you won’t see major sales.

    So don’t believe the hype

    Sure, short term sales IF the sales are real

    But IMO, it’s a junk cc tld

    Good for selling junk in Colombia

    THAT’s IT

  8. There’s a legal term for this type of SCAM

    The ‘gurus’ talking up .co as a legit tld for ‘investing’

    It’s called PUMP AND DUMP

    So any ‘expert domainers’ saying invest in .co

    Well eventually, if any major money is lost on this junk

    Yep, they could be found guilty of PUMP AND DUMP


    News letter on penny stocks

    They PUMP x penny stock

    Investors on the news letter buy

    Then the news letter DUMP

    And if you don’t think scams like PUMP AND DUMP are investigated all the time


    There’s NO WAY, any legit ‘domain name expert’ can say .co is a legitimate tld to invest in

    NO WAY

    it’s a BS country code for colombia



    Look up pump and dump

    Then you understand the SCAM going on with .co



  9. @ Lords

    I disagree with your assessment.

    Nevertheless, I’ve been very clear that I am not investing in .CO besides the 10 or so names I have right now, and I don’t think they’re good short term investments. I also have yet to sell any of my .CO domain names either. Every article I post that even mentions .CO (and many that don’t even mention .CO) have lots of comments from people who seem to feel the need to interject their feelings about .CO.

    Any buyer should do their due diligence before buying .CO or any domain name.

    I happen to think a good keyword .CO name would be a better investment that the .mobi stuff you seem to like or even the well established .biz, but what do I know.

    BTW, I just rode a bike 50 miles this morning. If you’ve ever done that, you know how tiring it can be, and I don’t feel like my brain can produce a civil discussion right now, so I am going to bow out of it and get some rest.

    Oh… one more follow up… one of the two guys who submitted this is a big .com owner and I don’t even know if he owns any .CO names.

  10. What you know El is stuff like dog walking and grooming

    Nice MINOR niche markets you eeked out a few bucks in

    Great for you

    Me, I hit big cpc numbers for lawyers, doctors, auto, etc

    .co is MEANINGLESS in real life, it has a temporary shelf life for ‘domainers’ now

    And they FOOLS outside of the domain world buying the names

    They’re probably great leads for legit SEM companies to hit up so they can start to spend on something that will have a ROI

    Yep, most think .mobi is a dog, we buy all day in it

    Let’s see last week


    so we put our money where our mouth is

    I’m just telling ‘domainers’

    Hey kiddies, you’re being LIED to by your tin gods like SCHwartz and SCHilling


    now, most here see NO VALUE in the names above

    I do

    And they will be the eventual ‘.mobi’ site that every RE lawyer and Drug lawyer in our network has a subdomain on


    newyork.druglawyer.mobi will be where everyone on a mobile device lands for a future drug lawyer we will have in NY buying mobi ads at a cheap rate ahead of every other drug lawyer in NY

    So, I’m giving my advice here, based on working with LAWYERS and other high cpc buyers


    all the bs domainers are talking about is grounded in delusion


    yet, I’m the one they’re saying is delusional


    .co is COLOMBIA cc tld

    case closed

    it’s not worth investing anything in but reg fees for spanish words


    • @ Lords


      @ abc

      “Wardi said that she did not think anyone would invest in .co.”

      Huh? Where did she say this? I would bet my daily $$$ that she never said that, otherwise, why would she work for the .CO Registry? That makes no sense, and I hope you can back that up because that type of unfounded comment is what gets people sued, and she has a JD from Brooklyn Law.

  11. Domain Lords – your a punk and you wish you had domains.

    Case close little player. Frank, rick will give you a nice whipping with traffic and ppc income

  12. I think more .co helped sale of o.co than Super Bowl.
    If they had few more strong .co sales it would really do something good for them.

    I personally think if they do not hit 1 million before renewal it would not be so easy later on. I have seen many ugly, without any potential registered .co`s. I do not think those people renew them. Not to mention that you can buy plenty of .co`s below 50 usd (That group will not bother renewal too).

    I emailed Lori Anne Wardi asking for any new info. She gave me only old stories.
    She recommended me to visit their website to see who is using .co`s and how fabulous websites they have. I have done that. I found many websites which redirect to .com , wordpress websites build to make money on ppc, funny amazon stores, closed websites etc. ( http://www.blenders.co/
    Maybe one day they will understand that it shows them in bad light and many people just because of that will not register .co

    I do not take Lori seriously. At the beginning of Wardi said that she did not think anyone would invest in .co.
    Hope she visited only sedo and saw almost 70, 000 co`s for sale or at least noticed that most .co domain names sold on .co auction are for sale again (including e.co) – I had big problem to find active one.

    Also she has been recently so enthusiastic that Naval underlined during the interview “AngelList.CO – that’s dot-CO, without the m.”
    I met few people who after watching that decided not to register .co`s but other extenssion as for them it was a strong signal that many people are visiting .com instead of his website.

    Anyone knows whats truly going on with i.co ?

    • @ Peter

      I like the amount of comments because it makes things interesting and gives people both sides of the story. I try to be as unbiased as possible, and I make it very clear where I personally stand and invest. When I was talking about geodomain names, I was a buyer and a seller (and now a developer). This blog is about what my personal opinion is on topics and what I am doing to build my business.

  13. While I own 3 .co domains now- it shocked my friends. Was buzzed and said ok let’s try it. Time will tell I guess

    Its funny how .net is a big no no for development from the .com players but its ok for .co to be developed. Does this make one bit of sense? Imo not really

    If you can make money in .co great. But renewals are very high and if you can’t sell them within first year– many will drop.

  14. .co is a new brand … Its like .co is to .com as Hyundai was to oldsmobile.. 15 yrs ago olds sold almost 1,000,000 vehicles and Hyundai was just being introduced … Now where is olds and where is Hyundai? In terms of market share… Yes .co is a columbia country code. Would all the .co haters feel the same if it was a tld from the us like .net ? .co is not a .com never will be but it has brand ability if done correctly! Thank you Elliot for showing a great idea the dealership had by emphasizing they were the .co… I love the outside the box thinking they are trying!

  15. Man-I am loving this BS word domain game.

    It gets better each time.

    Hey, it is their money, go spend it. Go buy whatever dot whatever you want and go make money!!!

    Have fun riding your bike while I go for my smoke

    Passing the peace pipe to you all

    BullS aka marijuanaGuy

  16. I think ad is good.
    I think a lot of people who saw it, thought for a seconds what happened to `m` and this is what advertisers wanted.
    We always remember better something when is different from the rest ( place, thing or school teacher from the past.. it really does not matter what who, bad or good)

    All ad campaigns want to make something unique to make people remember them and I think they achieved that.

  17. What a bunch of stupid statements here
    .net a US tld?
    .co a ‘brand’


    .co is nothing but a minor cc tld for colmobia

    none of you will ever hit page 1 with a .co


    and if you think ‘investing’ in a domain name that has zero potential of hitting page 1 for traffic is ‘investing’, you need a reality check




    yeah, major revenue name

    I can put one drug lawyer on a combo of

    drugattorney.biz and a mobi redirect on druglawyer.mobi and cover both keywords with a minor .biz and mobi

    so newyork.drugattorney.biz and newyork.druglawyer.mobi gets a potential drug dealer lawyer in a major market page 1 maps and top of ppc rotation

    end result they would have to pay me 10K+ a month, and google another 20K

    and yeah, that’s the dough a drug lawyer would have to part with monthly be the top dog in drug lawyer terms in new york

    now, recently we spoke to a few drug lawyers in a minor market

    the reason, a hot piece of ass I know caught a BS drug case at the beach

    so we start talking to drug lawyers to get her one to beat the case

    and we mention, yo, we work with a ton of PIA guys

    then we find out how BROKE drug lawyers are

    they can’t afford us


    so eventually the company willl do ‘drug lawyers’ but me, my time is way to valuable to do drug lawyers right now

    PIA terms is the money

    so yeah, we’re getting whatever is available

    if the .com comes up, great, if not, .net or org or .mobi or .biz will work

    I can hit page 1 maps in any city with either


    then to use our work and manage the ppc we charge huge bucks

    and ‘drug lawyers’ are not the top end of the legal field


    they deal with minor cases 5K here and 10K there

    when they hear our setup fees and monthly they CHOKE

    now PIA lawyers, they got enough dough to hire us

    and in NYC a PIA lawyer would have to part with 250K a month to us and at least that much to google

    the end result is they would dominate PIA in that city

    our clients absolutely end up with the dominate share of first view of google for any GEO legal term


    and yep, a .biz or .mobi in my hands is as good as a .net or .org and even a .com

    so if anyone is sitting on a .com or .net or org/mobi/biz for a major LEGAL TERM


    we’re buyers all day

    and yeah, if you’re sitting on lawyer .com/net/org and want to sell, say the price

    but the .com is owned by a publishing company, so it’s not for sale

    the .net/org of lawyer(s) are all owned by one attorney out of TX

    so no one can get on those terms

    lets see


    are huge cpc terms

    the PIA stuff has clients

    the drug stuff we don’t have time for yet

    well we have time but drug lawyers don’t make enough money to afford us


    now, .biz is ‘ok’ for development, not first choice, but it’s enough to hook up a sub domain on first view of google

    plus you couple them with geo terms

    like geoinjurylawyer.com or .net or org

    you end up with multiple domains for ONE client to have numerous sub domains on

    end result is, they rule top of google in their market

    so laugh bro

    one PIA lawyer per year is more than all your doggie stuff combined in yearly

    you can have 400 dog walkers at 50 bucks a year

    I can put a PIA in a minor city on a few subs on injurylawyer.biz and make more than your whole doggie network


    so keep the low cpc term .com

    me, I’ll buy a high cpc term in .com or .net or .biz or mobi

    and I’ll make way more with one client on a sub domain than most here make in a year doing their ‘jobs’

    Laughing all the way to the bank

  18. ps I think you all have looked at this ad for at least 2 seconds (haters longer 🙂 ) and most at least twice. I know, I know we are domain investors 🙂
    But if I liked Ford or thought about buying a car I would spend at least 4sec 🙂

  19. I’m doing biz

    all day I deal with new clients and old

    email bro

    email all day long

    I spew shit in a column here then I respond when I see an email saying some knucklehead is saying crap

    right now we’re testing the whole blog thing for other stuff

    the test is domain blogs

    so far we see nice serps on google from blog crap

    so for now, I got to do this blog crap

    and while I’m blogging about domains, the other blogs with domains are fair game

    SCHwartz is a pussy, he sometimes puts our comments but no links, he’s a PUSSY

    you got the top blog, so yeah we post here, and about 6 others

    yours the only one worth while IOP

    so congrats, you got the most relevant domain blog for now

    and you’re not a net nazi

    and you do have ‘some idea’ of the net, as you got 400 minor accounts on a doggie doo domain


    so you make fun of my stuff

    I make fun of yours

    end result is, google thinks it’s all relevant to domains

    feel free to post on ours

    we put up a shout on one to you

    so for now, while we test out blogs and how google interacts with them as to ‘news’, we’re here

    that doesn’t mean tomorrow we don’t pull the plug on the whole blog thing

    unlike the rest here, we do legit high value cpc development

    a few here may have some .net/orgs with legal terms

    we get offers all the time

    so between writing about WE BUY in certain keywords and trying to see how google is ranking all this blog crap

    that’s our ‘motives’

    we know 99.9% of those here have now clue, we laugh at domainers all day


    clueless dudes that had a couple of hits

    and traffic is not the key to the net

    the net is where you get qualified targeted leads

    unfortunately, domainers aren’t too qualified for anything

    but wasting money on reg fees most of them

    our game is LAWYERS SEM

    who is #1?


    our game is


    who is #1


    enough said

    you look up domain lords, #1 is a net

    you look up domain lord

    #1 is a org

    so much for .com huh

    like I said, I’m here to manipulate google and I’m doing it on around 6 domain blogs

    seeing how google responds to links and posts etc

    schwartz is a net nazi

    you’re not

    that’s why your blog runs circles around schwartz

    the king doesn’t let anyone laugh at him

    you do

    good for you

    it’s why you have the top domain blog

  20. Your a trip lords. Is your brother Ls Morgan? – not domain blogger

    You have some amazing names domain lords lol.

    Another jealous fool who is jealous of us all with good names

  21. @ Domain Lords

    I give advice, if you want people to read your comments. Write shorter! Let me explain it to you in other, nice way.

    Its like with most domains the shorter the better 🙂

    And remember most people read about one book a year 🙂

  22. more is better

    lawyer 10 to 20 bucks cpc in real life
    injury lawyer 20 to 40 bucks cpc in real life
    GEO injury lawyer 70 to 150 bucks cpc in real life

    see how dumb you all are

    you really think you ‘know’ stuff

    yet, if you really do domains, you know, the more targeted a domain, the more the cpc value is

    there’s probably not one lawfirm that can use national ppc on lawyer

    same with injury lawyer

    yet, every major city has over 300 injury lawyers trying to buy GEO injury lawyer

    clue less the whole lot of you

    believe your dumb meaningless cliches

    the only guy here making a fortune in INTERNET MARKETING is me

    I forgot more than the whole lot of you here as to ‘internetnet marketing’


    Laugh biatchhhhhhhhhh

    I am all the way to the bank

  23. While crossing out the M seems cute and might have a limited effect, would you agree it would be a good idea if they crossed out the O or C instead? What if they just crossed out COM and put in Net or INFO or BIZ or WS? Anything else isn’t .COM. Now I really don’t agree that people can’t read or remember what is after the dot. But perhaps I am biased.

  24. by putting an x over the M it made it clear that is not .com but .co.What is the big deal?

    @Domain lord
    I’m sorry to say, but there’s nothing intelligent in your writing.

  25. Pump and dump …hhhmmm

    All I know or should say ” feel ” is a ventures sole intent is to be profitable, the .co was brought to us because someone decided it was worth it to them and they would make a buck. This is not the start of the internet, this is not .com nor is it the 80’s.

    We saw it with .mobi and we will see it with .co, the rar and the company who brought it to market laugh all the way to the bank because people like you are naive enough to think it had heart behind the offering or was made to combat .com. Its sole purpose was to make money, off the backs of fools, so far its not doing too bad, in about 2 years (normal amount of time most fools wake up from getting screwed) we can all look back and laugh.

  26. @ Josh

    With a company like the one profiled above using a .CO since a company of the same name uses the .com, I think it’s clear that it serves a purpose.

    Fortunately, there is no bubble like there was with .mobi, which led to losses by some domain investors.

  27. E, its purpose was to make money, period. No one wanted to save the whales, stop abortion or help out those poor guys who couldnt get the .com but wantd an affordable alternative.

    The pitch may have implied that and more but it was a pitch because again they wanted to make money. The more I think of it the .co makes more sense than the .mobi yet .mobi hype/propaganda was by far better done, props to .mobi machine.

    The fact is the company mentioned above could have used chapmanford.cc and done just as well in type ins from the print add, the extension in these cases dont matter because the extension is crap.

  28. Honestly, I am not bashing .co this time but faced with the same predicament this company is facing, I would have gone with .US and fly the American Flag like there is no tomorrow on my site. I would have rebranded my whole dealership on the domain name with America flags everywhere. My slogan would have been “Because we are Americans” or something to that effect. Even a longer .com is still better than this .co in my own opinnion

  29. @ Josh

    Is there a business where the purpose isn’t to make money?

    @ Frankie

    I think their choosing .CO over .US was interesting… maybe due to good marketing on the part of GoDaddy and/or the .CO Registry.

  30. @Elliot

    “I think this happens to be a smart move by Chapman Ford, and you can make a note on your calendar to check back in a year to see if they’re still using it.”

    It looks like they have not a short term plan, but they want to use the domain for at least 3 YEARS (domain has been registered until December 2013).

  31. Newspapers ? Those are for my bird to crap on. The new way to go is the Kenny Powers way to go . Fools like Chapman and Ashley Schaeffer think they can run ads without Kenny ? pffft

    Just watch my K-Swiss ads and learn. OH and it’s Kswiss.com bitches, not some sissy Kswiss.co . . . . that’s for some squatter to get his ass handed to him. watch out

  32. All it will take to have them smell the coffee is one single promo from there .com competitor. Seriously who are we kidding. There is a time to and a place for everything competing with an inferior product is just plain bad news. I will use .co or .me any day if the .com owner of the domain is not into the same thing I am into. For example I could still use that name if all I sold was ford tires and not the same product as the .com guy; reason being if you are looking for tires or spare parts and you land on the .com, you will find a way to my .co site. Infact the .com guys will even give your customers courtesy referrals should they email or call.

  33. They could have used a domain they already own : chapmanfordaz.com or chapmanfordarizona.com . Maybe they’re just experimenting ? A/B test ?

  34. @phil
    finda worthless prefix
    geo .biz

    only a few high cpc terms .biz are worth owning in our opinion in .biz

    we got the ones we wanted

    low 4N most

    cheap investments

    we own a ton of geo lawyer/attorney and .net

    no geo .biz really for lawyers

    got strong prefix lawyer stuff

    got some lawsuits too over prefix legal stuff stolen from us in that register fly fiasco

    so we were on many top prefix legal terms over 10 years ago

    now we hold keywords in alot of of tlds

    mostly net and org

    some of the more expensive keywords .biz



    then injury-lawyers.net

    both work

    but if the .com comes along

    we’re probably the only real buyer for it

    injurylawyer.com and .net both developed very poorly

    but eventually they may be sold

    so we live with geo injury lawyer and injurylawyer.biz and injury-lawyers.net

    doesn’t really matter, we can hit page one all day for any geo we want with any of them

    once a lawyer develops a domain, they’re not selling, not for any real world value

    and ‘injury lawyer’ by itself isn’t a big term

    the geo’s are the money shots

    geo injury lawyer is the big deal

    you got a .com with geo injury lawyer in it

    you got GOLD


    that’s gold IF you know how to develop

    it’s way too much for the firm using it

    they don’t know what they own

    so once we started dealing with PIA’s we went to all the owners of injurylawyer and only the .biz was really in play

    so we bought it

    then got the hyphen

    you put them with our other PIA stuff and the geo’s and the prefix stuff

    we can have any PIA with 12 or more sites in a blink of an eye

    then they start to get high rotation for exact match stuff

    for anyone to even try to get into the top legal terms, you better have a huge wallet

    and have a grade A staff to hit page one

    it’s the most expensive area of professional development to play in

    but we do it very well

  35. Anyway I fail to understand how some complain about the fact the extension is hyped: hype AKA promotion AKA tv commercials, etc. is something everyone uses to make their newly-launched product known to the masses. The fact that the product’s hyped/promoted doesn’t mean it’s good or bad, it means someone wants you to be aware of its existence. Whether it’s good or bed will be decided by users in the future.

    Anyway I love how .CO inspires anger and hatred more than any other TLD in some people. LOL

  36. @Frankie Aladi

    When they registered the domain (Dec 2010), .COs at GoDaddy were $30 per year, so they spent $90. Aside from the fact that $90 is an amount of money that (almost) anyone can afford for a domain, if someone buys a new domain merely because they wants to experiment with it, it seems pretty unlikely they’re going to register it for three years.

  37. The only thing I see wrong with .co is ‘domainers’ acting like it has long term value to end users

    It doesn’t

    The only ones who will make dough on .co are

    a. the registrar
    b. the domainers that sell fast to dummies that think it’s a global tld

    you have two types of tlds


    cc tld

    cc tld have minor value compared to global tld’s

    the reason

    with development, most global tld’s have a shot at organic seo work

    with development, most global tld’s have value to reduce ppc costs due to exact keyword strenght of buying

    so for an END USER to ‘think’ a .co can give them any value is a joke

    it’s a scam

    it’s a crappy cc tld for colombia

    period end of subject

    now if you start to see .co in high expensive rotation on high cost cpc terms or hitting page one for organic

    ok, then value

    but that will NEVER HAPPEN

    the reason is simple, it has NO VALUE with google like a global tld does

    I bet most of you can’t even name the real global tld’s

    one is closed
    one is partiallly closed
    3 are seen as ‘global’ by most
    another is undervalued by 99.9% of domainers
    another is now excluded on most organic serps by google
    another is a comer, way under valued by domainers

    answer to the above


    then out of all cc tlds

    you have a few dominant cc tlds


    then you have all the marketing crap


    now you have more crap coming



    anyone putting money into anything but a global tld isn’t thinking in REALity

    yeah sure, a few cc tlds have huge market potential

    but for the most part GOOGLE IGNORES most

    at least .us is ignored mostly inside USA now

    .co.uk does good in UK serps

    so does .ca in canadian serps

    now for anyone to be beating the drum saying .co has ‘investment’ potential for END USERS


    no it doesn’t

    it has scam potential for fast resellers

    buy it fast and sell it faster it faster before everyone realizes it is pure junk

  38. Not sure how true that is that .co is the most hatred imo. .tv had this for many years among .com guys.

    Now that flood gates opened up, the .com ballers are now in .tv since gold rush and land rush. flow of new investors imo. Took many years to see an interest in .tv.

    I sold xx, xxx since December in .tv and investing most of it in .com

    The .com crash will eventually arrive. The big portfolio owners having difficulties. Some nice names dropping. More will drop. Will look like 2002-2003 area all over again. Countries going belly up, gas prices, unemployment issues, gold prices, spend, spend spend. While the top names are in demand and sales the mid level area there is a great opportunity for newer investors to grab some nice names imo.

    For .co time will tell. Fun times being a domainer.

    Let the strong survive. Let the weak disappear off and people like domain lords can go f u c k themselves. Pure joke. Development blah blah and there names are shit. .

    Long live the .com market.

  39. @Elliot, true the purpose is usually to make money 🙂

    The only reason I mention it though is as I believe it to be the ONLY reason in this case. There is no real need for the product. Kind of like buying that must have veggie machine on late night infomercial, you just have to have it!

    Once one new extension created a buzz and turned a profit you knew the copy cats would emerge, some did it better than others.

    I think the difference between these new ones and the .org for example is one had a true purpose a “real” use, the .co has no reason apart from putting money in one’s pocket.

  40. @elliot / @domainlords

    Elliot, and everyone else for that matter, I wouldn’t listen to a word domainlords says. He has yet to present us with one actual concrete example of a website of his. Not just random keywords and extensions- actual websites. I would take a niche, category killer dogwalker domain, fully developed with hundreds of subscriptions, any day over this guy’s bullshit that doesn’t even exist. DogWalker is an actual project, not some scummy CPA landing page.

    Oh, by the way, he sounds very similar to “Robert Cline” – who spoke



    and all of a sudden he disappeared. But you’re like the anti-Robert Cline, like he did a 180 degree turn and changed sides and views.

    Something doesn’t add up. Anyway, until you give us some hard proof, you are just a delusional and compulsive liar lurking at the bottom of blogs.

    Sorry. Oh yea, and anyone making as much money as you claim (millions a year?), with “multiple 22-24 year old girlfriends” (as you said in another post), wouldn’t have the need to rip on other people. They’d be free of envy and jealousy, (and bullshit), which clearly you still have.

    Verdict: DEGENERATE/LIAR that is making it difficult to read other people’s comments. Please stop typing like an idiot, I actually enjoy reading what people have to say and it’s very hard when you




  41. what a loser .com moron

    why don’t you link to your pathetic site loser

    my GF’s are 18 to 22, 22 to 24, too old for me

    I like the smell of new leather

    20K a year from dog walker


    get a clue, dog walker is a failure on most peoples views of ‘success’

    400 subscribers at 50 each is 20K a year


    I’ve given enough info about #1 serp’s on google and recent acquisitions to show we’re real

    20K a year off a website is NOTHING

    you can make more than that with a lousy GEO legal term

    so when a ‘keyword’ is so lame it can only produce 20K, you want to compare that to what, legal keywords that make 100+ PER CLICK


    dog walkers and groomers are not lawyers, doctors, or even auto repair shops

    you can make 10K to 20K a year off one minor geocarrepair domain

    you can make 50k to 1M a year off a legal client

    so keep pushing the stuff you think is ‘real development’

    it’s not, it’s low end niche development that makes a real developer laugh

    like seeing john ferber doing crap with handyman.com

    LOW END development

    anyone here have one legal or medical client

    anyone here have ONE CLIENT paying them for real development on a monthly basis?

    we’re the only ones pushing DEVELOPMENT here

    trying to educate the cretins


    yeah throw some more stones

    we’re laughing the whole time

  42. @Joe, I have an experimental domain registered for 5 yrs and it is just an experiment. I can understand most points made here. The one that made the most sense to me is by Elliot about the relative distance of both dealerships which falls inline with what I have already said. But 100 bucks by a dealership is less than some poor people spend on scratch off lottery tickets. Tax deductible 100 bucks, I am already shaking on the big commitment they made. Now, had they bought that name for even 10grand, then there stupidity might actually have aroused my curiosity.

  43. “…but faced with the same predicament this company is facing, I would have gone with .US and fly the American Flag like there is no tomorrow on my site. ”

    @ Frankie
    Totally agree, better to use the positive side of owning the .us (Patriotic) instead of having to highlight the negative side of owning the .co (typo of .com)

  44. @Joe “”Anyway I love how .CO inspires anger and hatred more than any other TLD in some people. LOL””

    You missed the .mobi ‘discussions’!!

    “”Elliot, and everyone else for that matter, I wouldn’t listen to a word domainlords says. ….. Verdict: DEGENERATE/LIAR that is making it difficult to read other people’s comments. Please stop typing like an idiot, I actually enjoy reading what people have to say and it’s very hard when you




    SO, SO true!! (Constant obnoxious long rambling ‘nonsense’ from ‘one clown’, left unchecked, can ruin others interest and desire to care to keep dealing with it, and in my estimation runs away more than it attracts. ‘jmo E’.)

  45. Ahhh so Domain Lords ≠ Robert Cline ≠ schizophrenic ??? I thought I was on to something.

    Either way,

    you’re both


  46. Stupid ad, domain name mistake.
    Businesses who might know a lot about selling new cars or carpet steaming or tuckpointing or sports radio may not know shit about domain names and as such, pick awful ones.

    We see it in .com all the time, seeing it in .co is no difference. If the extension gains traction, OK, but in the meantime, this is exactly (and I do mean *exactly*) the same thing we saw with .cc in 2000.

  47. The ad is made for the general public, not domainers. Whether the ad will be successful or not, only the folks at Chapman Ford will know by analyzing the direct typeins.

    @ Domain Lords,

    Just out of curiosity and a serious question; the term “lawyers sem” or “lawyer sem” doesn’t appear to have any (broad or exact) searches. What’s the point then of having this term ranking #1?

  48. @Elliot- Can you please block or ban the pansy that goes by the fictitious name “Domain Lords?” He is spamming your blog. Every comment he leaves is spammy.. it’s not good for business.

    • @ Vance

      I haven’t seen any commercials/advertisements/collateral directing customers to it. I remember that previously, BOA had window slicks directing customers to the .mobi site on the windows of at least one bank in NYC (and likely more). This was at least 2-3 years ago.

      Additionally, BofA.mobi forwards to https://www.bankofamerica.com/mobile on both my Blackberry and laptop. Why don’t they use it as an independent site?

  49. @ES I second Mike’s comment. This dude isn’t adding any valuable input.

    @.coM LOL, nice conspiracy theory – one that scarily seems like it may hold some merit…

    I’ve heard many of these arguments against .CO before “its just a fading fad etc” but I would like to know what you think about .CO’s value when considering the centuries of ‘branding’ it has already had for companies?

  50. I don’t know about in the U.S. but I can’t walk down a street in UK without seeing a shop “The CamdenFood Co” or “Smith and Co” etc etc

    I hear lots about it being the new .CC but other than to do with mail, .cc doesn’t have any meaning whereas .co has meaning built in. I’ve never seen a company in the real world abbreviated to com. “Pepsi Co” is the real, “Pepsi Com” just sounds like a dot is missing.

    Maybe I always comment too late, but no-one ever seems to have come up with a response to this (…other than DoLo and his aliases)

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