Sunday Afternoon Domain Thoughts and Updates


Elliot Pan Mass ChallengeI am almost done my Pan-Mass Challenge training. Since the beginning of May, I have been slowly increasing the mileage of my bike rides. In June, I began doing longer rides on consecutive weekend days, maxing out at around 120 miles over two days. With the PMC two weeks away, the training schedule is tapering down a bit. Yesterday’s 68 mile ride was the last long training ride before PMC weekend! I feel pretty good and am ready to ride! Now all I need to accomplish is my $10,000 fundraising goal for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and its Jimmy Fund.

Here are some of my domain name industry thoughts and updates from the last week or so. As always, you are welcome to share any of your updates in the comment section, especially if you found something that others might find interesting:

A UDRP was filed against the domain name last week. Because it was filed at the National Arbitration Forum, the complainant in the case is unknown. It is frustrating to see UDRPs regularly filed on .com domain names with generic terms. Fortunately, it seems that the majority of those UDRP filings are won by the domain owners, but it can be an added expense to defend.

Another interesting UDRP situation occurred last week as a company filed its second UDRP against The domain owner won again, and the panelist ruled that it was Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH).

If you have not purchased your NamesCon ticket yet, now is a great time to do it. As Richard wrote yesterday, NamesCon will donate $300 to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute via my PMC fundraising for every ticket purchased through the end of July. I bought my ticket a couple of weeks ago, and I am grateful to Richard for helping me raise funds.

Speaking of domain name conferences, do you plan to attend THE Domain Conference in Ft. Lauderdale in September? I am 90% certain that I will be attending. I just need to coordinate a couple of things at home before buying my conference ticket and booking my flights/hotel.

I saw Rightside and a few others tweet about a pretty cool .Live website last week. Check out ManchesterAirport.Live to see a neat way a company is using a .Live domain name.

GoDaddy’s Joe Styler published an article on Medium discussing how to find good domain names to buy on the aftermarket. There are some good pointers in there. It’s a good primer for people you know who are looking to buy a good domain name that is already registered.

I am told over 100 people have registered to attend the HEXONET / NamesCon cruise already. If you live in the Vancouver area, you should think about attending this free event.

Big thank you to Ron Jackson for writing about my PMC ride yesterday!


  1. Why is ManchesterAirport.Live a better domain name than which available to register? I would think that they would lose traffic to which is available to register. What am I missing?

    • Thank you!

      In addition to raising funds, another objective is to raise awareness for what Dana-Farber Cancer Institute does and who it helps. Spreading the word socially is helpful!

    • This thought just in: so freaking pathetic to see these guys staring at the screen and following whatever ….

      it is called following the shit what pokemon shits…

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